Mobile app development has growing trends in the recent days, and because of its reach among the audience, it is a must thing for all the enterprises to develop innovative and useful mobile apps that can diminish their works. In this mobile app development, certain factors such as features, functionalities, incorporating platform, User interface design etc. should be taken into account. By scrutinizing all these factors, finally, the cost estimate for developing an app is calculated.

Following are the main factors that can severely affect the mobile app development process,

Intense research

Agonizing through various needed elements and profound research are the important key factors to be considered at the initial stage of mobile app development. Garnering quality data about the market trends and the requirements only can create the right path for the app development and this can lead to better business logic for the app. The business logic of the app only decides its scope and functionalities for the customers and it remains as the deciding factor for the cost of the mobile app.

Extensive functionalities of the app

After proper research, the ultimate need and required functionalities are identified for the app. Based on these functionalities of programming apps, the app development process may be arduous or will be an easy task. Features such as Social media login, integration of camera option, augmented reality, payment gateways, Integration with other devices, Location-based services, social features etc. can lead to laborious and multiple processes of development, but at the culmination, the UI design of the app will be a good one.

Native and Hybrid nature of the app

The app pricing totally depends on the platform in which the app is going to launch. This is because if a native app is developed, which is different from both the ios and android, the development process will eventually augment the number of developers and other parameters which can result in the high estimated cost for the app. Otherwise, if the hybrid app is developed, then both versions of the app will have a low requirement for workers and so there will be a drop in cost.

App maintenance

After the launch of the app, the maintenance plan should be executed in parallel. It includes the functionality changes to be made at periodic intervals for the app and should check whether any additional features needed in the future. These factors influence a lot in the mobile app development cost. It is very important to hold the customers with up to date features in the app, otherwise, it may lead the customers to uninstall the app. Without proper updates, the will lose its functionalities and performance.

Security features

For any type of apps, customer privacy and security is the important factor to be put into consideration. It can be achieved only when the security feature is developed with huge importance so that the user information will be safe and secured one. This security feature only will safeguard the transactions also, otherwise, the operations will get manipulated which can lead to money losses also. Various companies need different levels of security standards, thus based on the app owner and users only this security factor is decided and developed. Best practices of security standards can extend the app development timeline and cost.

Incorporation of third-party APIs

API is the application programming interface which allows the app to communicate with various other services. Because of this API only, users are able to easily sign up and share the content from the app to other media. Developers should analyze the app outcomes and should ready to integrate the API if needed. And also, not all the third party APIs are free. If it is included for a good user experience, then the charges will rise in the development process.


Testing must be carried out simultaneously with the steps of the development process. This step is the crucial process where the success of the app is lying. All the functionalities and features should be tested for the bugs and other troubles, which directly influence the performance of the app. To make a successful user interface of the app with seamless running, QA should be implemented with significant importance throughout the development process.

Time requirement

Developing a quality mobile app is always a time consuming one, in which the quality involves several complexities in the project. This complexity will lead to the extra time in the development process. In some cases, clients require the app at a short deadline date with quality also. In this case, additional developers should be imported for the development process, which will increase the cost of the app. Time, is also an important aspect to be considered that influences the quality of the development process.

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