Nowadays, there seems to be increasing obsessions with user engagement particularly in the world of the mobile industry. As prerequisites of long-lasting app campaign, most metrics that deal with user loyalty are indicating an overwhelming increase in the number of retention rate, session length, active users, and so on.

Additionally, with iPhone app development, part of this has already been figured out. Now Apple is in the business of developing great apps and its becoming more and more concerned in helping to keep its users happy at all times. This can be easily observed from the app rating on App Store.

So what’s the catch? Apart from discoverability mechanisms, both marketers and app developers should be ready to spend quality time in supporting their customers with real value if they must achieve app business success.

Importance of user engagement

It is important to note that long lasting profit cannot be determined from the number of downloads. In fact, no profit can be achieved from this process because there is every tendency for customers to use a downloaded app just once and delete it afterward. Only those who are willing to use an app regularly and productively just as they ought to, can be said to be real customers of the product.

As an app developer, one important thing you need to consider into your strategic revenue generating context is the long-term relationships shared with your customers. This is how success is measured which on the other hand drives profitability.

Engagement is a true key to success. But the value you create for your users is the key to engagement. You can take a horse to the river bank but you can’t force it to drink way. The same thing applies to the use of apps. You can easily convince your customers to download and install your mobile app, nevertheless, if that app does not offer your users with what they need, they rarely make use of it.

Every mobile user is always interested in downloading apps that appear meaningful to them. But you cannot guarantee that they would pay great attention to it until it is highly convenient to use and works without causing any defects. It is the content that matches their interests that will really make them interested in making use of the app every day.

When it comes to app development, it is recommended to avoid creating apps that are intrusive in offering things and irritate with too many ads. Most importantly, it is best to create something that understands user wishes and acts accordingly. Bear in mind that it is more important to offer value that to provide content. What really matters is providing content in the way and manner customers can easily get engaged with.

Bear in mind that developing mobile apps is all about providing meaningful value which should be beneficial for both you and your customers. Achieving user loyalty is the next important step to consider after discovering the essential value. This is because most loyal users tend to act according to the instructions or injunctions of the app due to their high-level of dedication. These are the same people that help to promote the app through the word of mouth and even encourage other to do just what it has to offer.

If you do not understand these principles, you will find it difficult to determine what your users will choose to do with your app.

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