The Urgent Care Center is an often underrated segment of the US medicine industry, which deserved a lot more attention, until Sunknowledge Services Inc changed the face of the nation’s medical billing sector. Ever since Sunknowledge’s impeccably professional billing endeavors took over America’s medical billing machinery, no aspect of the medical revenue management cycle remained the same again, the Urgent Care Billing being no exception.

An Urgent Care Centre is important in an alternative kind of a way. They are not meant to meet elaborate medical operation or clinch life deciding emergencies. Rather, Urgent Care Centers are those medical care units which administer checkups and remedies for smaller deceases and injuries which if not looked after at the nick of the time can lead to fatal fall outs. Nevertheless, Urgent Care billing is no less important than that of the other factions of the nation’s medical billing necessities.

Like all other medical billing facilities, Urgent Care billing too is done on the basis of the codes enlisted in the bill. The magnitude of the bill depends upon the seriousness of the patient.

The process of Urgent Care billing is threefold. However, when different medical practitioners design their bills differently, the clerks of the care centers find it difficult to cope with the revenue management protocol owing to their lack of specialized knowledge about the billing procedures and legal provisions of the medical revenue cycle.

As an effective solution to the billing problems of Urgent Care Centers, Sunknowledge offers its range of professional services which include billing, coding, coordination, accounts management, denial management and cash posting among others.

Some of the Essential Advantages of the Medical Billing Services

  • Total compliance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • Economical services at just $8 per hour

  • Standalone as well as end to end services

  • Availability of telemedicine platform free of cost

  • Absolute professional help by experienced crew giving clients no reason to complain

  • Billing costs lesser by 80%

  • Line of reference provided by more than a 100 clients in every division of revenue management

Sunknowledge services are only a click away. Avail its best practices to experience the essence of Urgent Care Medical Billing.

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