Are you planning on renovating your house, or some part of it? Home maintenance is essential and at times the structure needs to be renovated as well.  We at Core elements renovations aim at providing you the best service at the most affordable price and on-time completion. There are no delays from our end.  We start from scratch and give you a completely renovated space in no time.

The process

The process is very simple. First and foremost we design the plans of the floor, at this stage attention to detail is our utmost priority. It is always best to correct any mistakes at this stage. After designing we move on to get the required permits to start construction work.  After that we get started towards getting resources for the on-site work. We stay on top of every detail regarding updates about the on-going work. Our favorite part is when the work is done and we get to show you your new and improved version.


You can rely on our service as we are licensed service providers and have insurance. Our workers are also covered by worker compensation board. Plus we have been serving clients for the past ten years. We have the right experience to make you home classy and as per your requirements.  We our strict quality control checks you can rely on us for getting the best material for you home which you will be able to enjoy for years to come.


We are essentially a renovation company. Our services include renovations for:

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Basement

  • Exterior

  • Landscape

  • Remodeling homes

Transforming visions to reality

If you are looking to renovate your house’s basement, then we can provide you quite a few ideas depending on your requirements. Basements are widely used to make in-house home theaters, recording studios, gaming room, drawing rooms. They are very often used as a pantry and storage space by families.

The testimonials from our customers can be seen to further authenticate the level of our services. We sit with our clients and help their vision come to reality.  If you are unsure about the design you can view our photo gallery to get an idea as well.

As far as kitchen renovations are concerned, we can help you increase the size by changing the current set up, or incorporate change like cabinets etc without bringing a change in size. Also we can help you upgrade you kitchen as well by installing new latest model appliances and taking the old ones. You can give your kitchen whatever look you desire by hiring us the best kitchen renovation Services Calgary. We want to ensure that you get the most amazing kitchen experience and you enjoy cooking your meals every day.

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Our company is the most desirable source for basement renovation Services Calgary and kitchen renovation Services Calgary. We take up old structures and transform them into up to date stylish homes using state of the art techniques. Our work is reflected by the photo gallery and testimonials of thousands of our clients. You can contact us to get a quotation for your work and speed up your home improvement process.


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