The cars are exposed daily to suffer a failure or be involved in traffic accidents, and depending on the level of damage, Chevrolet cars are required to replace Chevy Floor Mats.

For manufacturers and workshops it is important to try to return the car to its initial conditions.

The automotive industry is implementing new modular systems and mega platforms to reduce the cost of production and to make them more efficient. Know the types of spare parts that exist for the car.

Interchange parts

The manufacturers are responsible for producing spare parts called OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. Very few turn to third-party suppliers who specialize in manufacturing parts under OEM standards.

These suppliers are certified companies in this type of work. The spare parts are delivered to the brand, which will be responsible for delivering them to the assembler or distributing them to the consumer market as original spare parts. When these types of spare parts reach the consumer market, they are called Original Equipment (OE, Original Equipment), or genuine parts.

Original Parts (OEM)

Vehicle manufacturers must ensure the procurement of the necessary spare parts for a partial or complete replacement. They must comply with market demand, taking into account the adaptation of the piece and passive safety.

To obtain an OEM spare part such as Chevy Headlights, Chevy Floor Mats you must resort to:

  • Origin (Country of manufacture)

  • Matrix house

  • Assembler or official importer

  • Distributor

Alternative spare parts OE and aftermarket

For reasons of commercialization, and in some cases for costs, the sale of alternative spare parts has become very important at the time of carrying out a repair process. Due to this, nowadays it is easy to find in the trade spare parts of different origins and which are being imported directly by companies different from the assemblers.

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