When you hear the term “traditional kitchen” what does come in your mind first? The classic finish, the solid wood reliability, and the cozy warm vibe? Well, you are not really wrong. But when it comes to the traditional kitchen of the new era, it means more than just the warmth and the durability. Versatility, as well as functionality, are integral parts of such a design too.

If you are planning to design a place in your home where you will spend hours cooking lovely food for your family and loved ones and where you will spend some memorable time while sharing the meal with them, then you must ensure that space has each quality that I have already mentioned above. So, if you are wondering just like every other homeowner, how you will be able to design the new era space with the traditional vibe, then you are at the right place. Here, I am going to share some trends with you that will surely help you understand how you can do it. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Versatile Styles

A new era traditional designed kitchen demands versatility more than anything. It should look effortlessly classy while the things can easily team up with some other theme too. For such a kitchen, there cannot be a better alternative to a set of white shaker cabinets. Shaker style is old school and perfects to retain the charm of tradition in your kitchen. However, the white shade is so versatile that if you ever think of changing the décor theme while keeping the cabinetry untouched, you can do that without any worry. It will completely suit a much modern theme too.

Added Texture

A touch of texture can work like wonder in such a kitchen. If you are thinking of creating a traditional vibe with a touch of warmth welcoming feel, then go for walnut cabinets. The warm golden glow of solid wood, the grainy texture on the surface which is natural and unique and the perfect combination when paired with a neutral shade on the wall, these cabinets are just like the perfect touch to give the best finish.

Be Eclectic

There are many details that can give an eclectic touch to a traditional kitchen décor. If you are choosing a vintage vibe, then a hardwood solid door can be the perfect complement for space. Think of lights in a more traditional way rather than resorting to the modern functional fluorescent. Being eclectic is essentially about not being overbearing. Hence, strike the right balance.

Fine Detaining

Last but not least, to finish the whole look of the kitchen, think of making it perfect with little details. Choose a sink with more depth than usual as this is how a traditional kitchen looks like. If there is a worn out wooden cupboard for a kitchen island, then don’t get rid of it. Rather use it as a focal point with some deliberately done bead work that will add up to the antique value of it.

So, now as you know about these trends, what are you waiting for? Choose the right cabinetry and share your ideas with your designer.

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