An average person walks around 5000 steps a day. Some people walk more, and some walk less as they use vehicles most of the times. However, walking requires our feet to be in perfect health. People with healthy feet can enjoy activities like walking, running and exercising.

Most people take care of their body but overlook their feet until they suffer from a problem. But feet are the parts which bear the entire body weight. They need care and attention to stay in perfect health and bear the weight. Here are the best ways to maintain your foot health.

Wear the right shoes

Wearing the incorrect size of footwear can cause many foot problems. The oversized shoes can cause blisters, but the small shoes can cause more severe problems like corns, bunions and foot deformities.

Wearing the wrong size of footwear can lead to a variety of problems that need treatment to cure. It is crucial to wear the right size of shoes and sandals that are neither too tight nor too loose. Moreover, you should choose the footwear that fits correctly according to the arch of your feet.

Walking and running within limits

Some people walk a lot while some run more while jogging or exercising. Everybody is different and possess different abilities. Walking and running beyond the capabilities can cause a variety of foot problems. Therefore it is essential to know your capabilities and walk or run within the same. Also, it is better to perform the exercises like jogging and brisk walking in moderation.

Wash your feet

Washing the feet is essential for foot health. Every day our feet are exposed to dirt and dust in the floaters and sandals. If you wear shoes, the feet causes sweating that need washing to clean the sweat. Every individual should wash their feet after arriving home and before going to bed. Washing the feet with a mild soap protects them from several infections. It is better to use antibacterial soap.

Don’t go barefoot anywhere

The areas outside your house like communal areas are the places where bacteria and fungus can affect your feet. These areas include public gyms, public showers, swimming pools, and hotel rooms. You need to be careful in all the public areas as these are the areas where bacteria and fungus from other people can affect you. You should always wear sandals or shoes in public places and wash your feet after arriving home.

Exercise for feet

Exercise is not only beneficial for your body but also your feet. According to the Harvard medical school, performing the foot exercises increases the flexibility and strength in the feet. Ankle rolls and rolling a ball under your feet are good examples of the foot exercises. Ankle rolls offer your feet a proper motion and rolling balls works on your plantar fascia.  Exercising your feet is the best way to keep them healthy and strong.

Keep your feet dry

Fungal organisms thrive in moist conditions. Wet feet are an excellent habitat for bacteria and fungus. Keeping your feet dry makes it difficult for such microorganisms to thrive. Therefore, it is essential to pat your feet dry after washing or bathing. You should not wear socks or shoes before drying your feet thoroughly.

Cut your toenails properly

It is important to cut your toenails properly with a good quality nail clipper. You should avoid cutting the nails too close to the toe skin. Also, you should avoid rounding the corners of the nails as it can cause the painful ingrown toenails.

Avoid polishing the infected nails

If you already have an infected nail, you should avoid polishing it with nail paint. Applying nail paint to the infected nails can worsen the problem. Instead, consult a podiatrist for proper analysis and treatment for the infection. There are many good foot doctors in Australia. If you live in or near Gold Coast, you can consult a podiatrist Gold Coast to have the proper treatment for infected nails.

Visit a Podiatrist

It is essential for every individual and family to visit a podiatrist regularly. A podiatrist is a foot doctor that examines and treats the foot problems. Visiting a podiatrist helps you diagnose any foot problems and start the treatment. Foot problems can grow if not treated at the right time.

Final Words

Foot health is a vital part of the overall health. It is essential for everyone to take care of their feet as they are the organs that help you move and enjoy life. The points in this post are the top tips to maintain healthy feet. Maintaining foot health is not difficult as a little care and hygiene are required.

Moreover, wearing the right footwear, regular hygiene, avoiding going barefoot and visiting a podiatrist can help families to maintain the health of their feet. Healthy feet can help you enjoy the daily activities in life.

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