Study in Canada: Study in Canada is the most sought after programs international students look for nowadays. Universities in Canada have been student favourites for their easy admission process and quality education. With Students Direct Stream (SDS Canada), students from India, China, Philippines and Vietnam has a minimum requirement of 6.5 overall IELTS bands and 6.0 bands overall. However, that is a requirement of Canadian Student Permit, not the University. For Universities in Canada, the IELTS requirements maybe higher or lower depending on the course and University.

IELTS and IELTS Scores:

  • Before we look into the English Language Proficiency, let us have a look into IELTS bands and how the IELTS scores are assessed.

  • As per IELTS Exam pattern, there are four modules. Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. Each of them are scored individually and the average of that score is the overall score of the test.

  • Each of them are scored as whole bands (e.g. 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0) of in form of .5 multiples such as 5.5, 6.5, and 7.5. If the average is not a whole number, it is converted to nearest whole number or a .5 format digit.

IELTS Requirements for Canada:

Most of the Universities ask for 6.5 bands overall and 6.0 in each module. However, in top Universities in Canada, where the competition is a little high, the required scores might get a little higher. Moreover, the nature of the course is considered while setting up the minimum requirements.

For example, vocational courses, or taught science and mathematical courses will have a lower requirement of the IELTS Scores. The management courses sometimes require comparatively high IELTS bands for admission. The highest IELTS requirements in Canada will be in medical and nursing fields. These courses, along with law studies, ask for a little higher English Language requirements.

Top Universities in Canada and IELTS requirements:

World Rankings

Top Universities in CanadaLevel of StudyOverall IELTS bands RequiredRequired bands in Each module
28University of TorontoUG6.56.0
33McGill UniversityGeneral Requirements6.56.0
47University of British ColumbiaUG6.56.0
PG (Depending on Course)6.5 to 7.06.0 to 7.0
109University of AlbertaUG6.55.0
PG6.5 to 7.05.0 to 6.5
146McMaster UniversityGeneral Requirements6.56.0
149University of MontréalSufficient Knowledge of French Language is required
163University of WaterlooUG6.56.5 in writing and Speaking / 6.0 is listening and Reading
PG7.06.5 in Writing / 6.5 in Speaking
214The University of Western OntarioNursing Programs7.06.5 in reading and listening / 7.0 in writing and Speaking
229University of CalgaryUG6.5-
239Queen's University at KingstonUG6.56.0
264Simon Fraser UniversityUG7.06.5
279Dalhousie UniversityUG6.56.0
289University of OttawaUG6.56.5 in writing
359University of Victoria (UVIC)UG6.56.0
402Laval University

Sufficient Knowledge of French Language is required


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