The prices of commodities rise every year, and so the cost of cooking gas. With the oil and gas prices on the rise in the international market the LPG prices are also on the increase in the domestic markets. Due to the continuously rising prices, it is essential to use the LPG efficiently.

One of the best ways to save LPG is to avoid its wastage that leads to loss of energy. We all should use as many ways to save the cooking gas. This post shares some of the best ways to save the LPG.

Wipe the utensils before cooking

Some people use wet utensils for cooking. It takes time for drying the utensils, and some gas is wasted in this process. Therefore, it is essential to wipe the utensils before putting them on the stove. The cooking gas should only be used for heating the food and not for drying the utensils.

Soak the foods before cooking

Foods such as whole grain pulses take more time for cooking. It is better to soak the legumes such as black grams and beans overnight before cooking. In this way, they will take less time to cook, and you can save the cooking gas and time. It is better to soak the pulses like foods in warm water so that they become partially soft before cooking.

Cover the food while cooking

When we cook the meals without covering the cooking utensils, they take more time, and a lot of gas is wasted. It is better to cover the foods while cooking as they take less time and save gas. However, one needs to take care while cooking the meals by covering as liquids can spill out of the utensil due to excess steam pressure.

Gather the ingredients before cooking

Some people make a mistake gathering the ingredients after turning on the gas and putting the cooking utensils on the stove. It is better to collect all the ingredients like chopped vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, sauces, and spices before turning on the gas stove. In this way, you will not waste any gas and utilize it efficiently for cooking.

Check for leaks

Leakage in the LPG equipment not only leads to wastage of gas but it is also dangerous for life and property. It is essential to check the gas equipment regularly for leaks so that you can fix it at the right time. Mostly the leakage occurs at the regulator, pipe or stove. If there is any leakage, you will know it as there will be a lot of gas smell in and around your kitchen.

Do not overcook

Many times we put the food for cooking on the gas stove and forget to turn off the gas. It results in overcooking of food and wastage of gas. It is crucial to turn off the gas stove as soon as the food is cooked.

Moreover, you should know the approximate cooking time for every type of food you cook in your home. Use a reminder on your phone to turn off the gas after cooking every time. Your phone will remind you to turn off the gas as soon as the cooking time is over.

Cook on low flame

Cooking on a high flame takes less time, but it may overcook and sometimes burn the food. On the other hand, cooking on a small gas flame retains the nutrition content and prevent the wastage of gas. However, you should cover the food as it will take less time for cooking due to the development of steam pressure.

Use pressure cooker

A pressure cooker can significantly reduce the cooking time for any food. It is better to use a pressure cooker for cooking foods like rice and pulses. Using a pressure cooker can cut the cooking time by at least 50 percent. However, all the meals cannot be cooked in a pressure cooker. You need to cook the vegetables in a frying pan.

Service the gas equipment

All the users should get their LPG equipment serviced regularly. The service involves the inspection, cleaning, and repair (if required). Maintaining your cooking gas equipment in the perfect condition leads to optimal consumption of gas.

Check the Cylinder

LPG users should check the gas cylinder before receiving it from the delivery person. People in some countries use LPG refill gas bottles. They should check the weight of the barrel after refilling to monitor the amount of LPG they received. Checking the weight of gas bottle ensures that you received the correct amount of gas.

Final Words

Saving the cooking gas is essential for every household. The tips mentioned above are the best ways to save LPG which in turns helps you to save money. The efficient use of cooking gas also contributes to energy saving for the countries.

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