The way people use their homes has dramatically changed. In the early days, living rooms did not have much significance but now, people seem to feel the need to have space where they can just be. Every house has this living space and they are designed beautifully to entice guests. Now, there are some considerations when you like to have a tempting décor for your living space and living room window treatments play a significant role in this regard.

Living rooms always deserve some extra effort for its decor because if the room is comfy and stunning, people will cherish and love its space instead of ignoring it. Here are some window treatment ideas that will not only give your room comfort and style but will also add life to it.


Shutters look classic in all kinds of living space – be it a grand home or a bungalow. With certain inbuilt features, they assure of permanence in our changing homes and lifestyles. They are simple yet have a stately appeal. Shutters look lovely from inside as well as from outside, thereby making them a popular window covering for living rooms.


Drapes always have a win-win position as they offer a wonderful blend of functionality and style. You can get almost any combination of pattern and color of drapes you can think of. They add texture to windows as well as to its surrounding walls. The best part of drapery is that it ideally matches with other kinds of window dressings like cellular, Roman shades and wooden blinds. Draperies are always the first choice of house owners when it is about their living room window treatments.


This window covering adds elegance to any window. They can be of casual cotton or formal silk befitting your family lifestyle and décor. It is best to opt for cordless variety to keep children safe. You can keep the home safe and operate the window covering from the comfort of your couch. Roman shades are always designer window dressing for living rooms.


If you want to give your living space clean and crisp appearance, cellular shades are the superb choice. Color assortment of this window treatment is enormous. It is a perfect choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the living space. The horizontal pleats of this shade have a calm effect on the eyes. By filtering light, cellular shades offer a soft glow in the room.

All these window dressings will create an ideal ambiance in the living room to cozy up and relax in one’s own way.

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