The technique of Laser Engraving emerged in the 1960s and was used mainly for industrial applications. This mode of cutting is very precise and reliable. Progress in technology has transformed the potential of laser cutting.

Laser engraving plays a vital role in rendering designs and this can be done only by an engraving or cutting machine. It is highly useful with regard to producing shapes, which are smooth and complex. It also creates a clean cut, which cannot be made by any other machine. Hence, the laser engraver is preferred by most industrial and manufacturing applications. For example, with regard to signage, the potential is endless.

The laser engraver can cut several materials. Some plastics can also be cut by laser, especially those that do not contain chlorine, like acrylics. Materials which can be cut or engraved by the laser are fabrics, metals, paper, leather, and others. Even items like marble, slate, glass, brass, and steel can be engraved.

One important role of laser engraving is in micro-machining. The main use of micro-machining is to create accurate and detailed miniature parts. Some of its uses are DNA analysis, femoral exposure, micro-fluid devices, energy efficiency, radiology, neuroscience, semiconductors, and many more.

Laser engraving is beneficial because it avoids direct contact with the surface being engraved. In the long run, it saves money. Laser markings are used to engrave various materials like wood, titanium, nickel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, aluminium, gold, silver, and many others.

Crafty Uses

Laser engraving has proved to be really versatile in its uses. A common use of laser engraving apart from industrial applications is for various crafting ideas. Laser engraving Melbourne can be used for following ordinary crafts:

* Keychain Holders: These include items made of wood. They are available in high impact, simple designs.

* Bottle Opener: These may be made of metal and have simple engraving designs.

* Wine Glasses: They can have fine laser engraving with intricate designs wrapped around the curvature of the glasses. Engraving is done by rotary devices, which can engrave cylindrical objects.

* Coasters: Patterns, initials or sayings can be etched. Typically laser engraving is done on acrylic but can also do the same for glass, wood, stone, tile, and metals.

* Wax Seal Maker: This is made from laser engraved acrylic (matrix). Though no longer used for postage industry, they are used for crafting, weddings, and other such uses.

* Wooden Rolling Pin: This engraved pin is very useful when you take up projects like cutting out hundreds of Christmas cookies.

* Glass Spice Jars: Laser engraved glass jars are a prized possession.

* Wooden Puzzles: Ideal for kids, these engravings are done for pre-school and school activities.

* Ornaments: Like those made with acrylic, engraved ornaments can be used for personalizing a wide variety of objects like rear- view mirrors.

* Paper Artwork: Laser cut paper crafts like posters are very popular.

* Dog Collars: Some vital information about your dog can be engraved onto the collar.

* Laptop Stand: These can be personalized using laser engraving.

* Pillows: Especially leather pillows can be engraved with beautiful designs.

These are some of the craft ideas for using laser engraving.

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