Top 15 Freelance Business ideas you can Start for Free. Freelancing businesses are on the rise today. There has been tremendous growth in freelancing websites over recent years. Freelancing allows you to make money using your specific skill set. All you need is an account on one of these sites and your Frontier deals to be in business. Analysists believe that this is the perfect time to set-up your freelancing business.

Many websites are available that can help you set-up-shop, so to speak. Fiverr, Upwork and Cloud Peeps Inc. are all great for starting your freelance business. There are, of course, other ways you can freelance as well. if you have access to a car, you can freelance through apps like Uber and Lyft. If you are passionate about real estate, Air BnB has made a lot of money for people. You can use the app to rent out living spaces.

Generating more revenue streams is the first step towards your financial independence. Here are 15 freelance businesses that you can start today.

15 Freelance Businesses That You Can Start Today for Free

CNBC conducted a study to calculate the rise in freelance businesses over the past 20 years. The study found that over payroll employees, independent contractors have grown by 27 percent. In industries like transportation, ‘gig economy workers’ grew by 44 percent over payroll employees. Looking at these statistics should show you the current market trends. Put aside your fears and start working for a better future.

These 15 freelance businesses might be the right fit for you:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services

  2. Developing Marketing Strategies

  3. Online Business Management Services

  4. Photo and Video Editing Services

  5. Sales Consultation Services

  6. Developing Social Media Strategies

  7. Content Editing Services

  8. Programming Services

  9. Graphic Designing

  10. Legal Consultations

  11. Translation Services

  12. Content Writing Services

  13. Tutoring / Mentoring Services

  14. Website Designing Services

  15. Interior Designing Services

#1. Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is a booming industry right now. Most businesses are trending towards creating a stronger online presence. It is much more feasible for them to outsource SEO services than hiring someone in-house. Search Engine Optimizers can earn up to $100 per hour. However, average rates are closer to $50 per hour.

#2. Developing Marketing Strategies

If you have experience in marketing, it is probably time to cash-in. Most businesses hire consultants to go over their existing marketing strategies and improve them. As a marketing freelancer, you can make between $46 and $52 per hour.

#3. Online Business Management Services

Many investors buy out businesses without any inclination of running them themselves. They prefer to hire talent to make their business successful. If you have experience in managing an online business, you can probably lend your skills to such investors.

#4. Photo and Video Editing Services

Photo and video editors are enjoying a high demand right now. With a rising number of vloggers on platforms like YouTube, this is the perfect time for you to start. Some video editors pull in upwards of $84k per year.

#5. Sales Consultation Services

If you are good with people and you have experience in sales, you can start your own consulting services. Many businesses ask consultants to train their employees or even create sales strategies for them. You can also freelance as a direct sales producer for companies.

#6. Developing Social Media Strategies

Social media is on the rise. More and more businesses understand the importance of it. As such, more businesses are trying to develop good strategies to connect with their customers online. Offering freelance services to create social media strategies is a lucrative business.

#7. Content Editing Services

Editors have always been in demand. With new freelance platforms available, editors are able to get more work than ever. It would really help if you are multi-linguistic. That would increase your demand exponentially.

#8. Programming Services

Programmers are well in demand in today’s tech-focused world. If you can write code, or learn to write code, you can do well for yourself. Freelance programmers can make between $26k and $52k per year.

#9. Graphics Designing

Graphic designers are still very much in demand. Businesses need logos and infographics made on the regular. Most graphics designing work has a quick turn-around rate. That means you can get more jobs.

#10. Legal Consultations

Lawyers are expensive. Most times a company on retainer doesn’t even require too much time, yet they have to pay ridiculous amounts as consultation and retainer fees. If you have the expertise, capitalize on them. Offering legal consultations is a great freelancing business that you can start.

#11. Translation Services

Multi-linguists have always been popular. They are now more in demand than ever. If you can speak Mandarin, Arabic, French, and English, then you have a unique set of skills. Rent out your translation services and earn your financial independence word by word.

#12. Content Writing Services

If you like writing and have a knack for it, this is one of the most fulfilling freelance businesses you can start. Offer to write blogs, stories or even website content. You will love what you do and make a considerable amount of money.

#13. Tutoring / Mentoring Services

If you like teaching or have a certain skill set that others would like, sell your expertise. By offering to tutor or mentor someone, you can actively help them achieve their life goals and gain financial independence for yourself.

#14. Website Designing Services

There is no need to mention how much in demand website designers are. Nearly every business needs a website. The demand is nearly endless.

#15. Interior Designing Services

If you have an eye for colors and room flow, then offering interior design services can make you financially independent. Interior designers are always in demand.


Today more people are opting for alternatives to regular 9-5 jobs. The flexibility in lifestyles it offers is simply too appealing. Imagine if you could work from home every day. All you need is your skills and a FiOS internet service. You would be able to find the perfect balance between work and personal life. Freelance businesses are growing in popularity because of the benefits they provide. To both the freelancer and the service purchaser.

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