Since 2014, your Car dealers are enjoying the great number of sales. Nowadays, the car buyers are extending loan-terms beyond 72-months in record numbers. Perhaps that's the reason why the average age of a vehicle on roads continues to increase. As per the evidence, people are keeping their cars longer than ever. With loans over 84-months, the great number of people will have no other choice but to drive whatever they’re buying today for the years ahead.

your Car, Since there's a huge population of aging vehicles and extended your Car loan term, it's imperative for you to take good care of your car so that it'll help extend the longevity of your vehicle. Here're a few tips that you must consider. So let's dive in;

Keep up on Fluid Changes

When it comes to car's fluid, most of you only get stuck to the engine oil. Even though it's among the most essential fluids, it's not the only one. There are other fluids as well that need periodic replacement like transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, and power steering fluid etc. If you own the four or all-wheel drive car, you need to check the differential fluid and transfer case fluid as well.

Checking the fluid levels and conditions between the services is essential. So just keep an eye on the fluids in order to stay aware of problems like leaks that can cause significant damage if not fixed immediately. The best practice is to check the fluids every couple of weeks.

Clean and Care for your Car

Admit it! Almost all of you are very much concerned about how your car looks and feels. If you want your car to last longer, make sure you get it washed and clean its interior regularly. This way, you'll be able to enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted drive for the long period.

If possible, try parking in the garage or perhaps under the shade so that you can keep it out of the rain, sun, snow and other sea sprays if you live nearby coastal area. Most importantly, try to get as much stuff as possible off the trunk. Keep in mind! The more weight you carry in the trunk, the more gasoline it's going to consume.

Take your Owner’s Manual to Heart

The tips mentioned previously apply to almost every vehicle, but this one is for your car specifically. For obvious reasons, every car has some unique needs as well apart from all the generic ones. Perhaps that's the reason why you should take some time to check out your owner's manual.

Make sure you follow any specific maintenance schedules or tips recommended by the manufacturer. This way, you'll be able to save huge costs at Auto repair shop Dubai down the road.


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