The Secret to Dressing Up According to Your Skin Tone

No fashion is wrong or right. In fact, people can wear whatever style or color they want. Sometimes, rules are just created not to test if you are wearing the right clothes for you but rather to improve a person’s image. It is no news that a wardrobe says a lot about a person’s character. And people would want to have a good reputation as much as possible. Hence, there’s always a room for improvement when it comes to dressing up.

A person’s skin tone has an important role in choosing the best colors of clothes to wear. People have different fashion skin tones according to their race and each may require a corresponding set of colors to match their skin.

So how would you know your skin tone?

People can determine the tone of their skin in two easy ways: first, through the color of veins and second, from the heat of the sun. Using natural daylight, examine your veins through their colors. If they are green, you likely have a warm skin tone. Blue or purple veins indicate a cool skin but if it’s hard to determine in either way, you seem to have a neutral fashion skin. And if your skin gets burned under the sun, then you have what’s known as ‘cool’ complexion. Whereas if it tends to get tan than toast, it’s warm.

Not because you love a certain color that isn’t best for your skin does not mean you can’t wear that color anymore. You can still consider it as an accent color with belts, bags, scarfs, hats, or shoes. Most fashion gurus would suggest to dress up based on your comfort zones. However, choosing the colors that work with your complexion is much easier said than done. To ease the problem, here are some secrets that will help you choose the best colors for your skin.     

Warm Skin Tone 

A warm skin tone is characterized by a darker complexion. If you have a warm skin like BeyoncĂ© Knowles, the best colors that match to it are warmer versions of red, yellow, gold, peach, and coral. Avoid wearing colors that are too close to your skin tone to prevent ending up like nude. Chilly colors like icy blue and sapphire, on the other hand, can wash away your tone and make your skin look greyish and dull.   

Cool Skin Tone

The ‘Aquaman’ star Nicole Kidman is the perfect model of a cool skin tone. It is characterized by its pale, blushy, and light features. If you have this skin type, wear any bright colors to contrast your pale skin.

Since your tone is inspired by the depths of ocean and winter, frosty colors such as ice blue, lavender, and pink can work best for you on cold weather. While you can also rock with bright red in warm settings and go for either grey, bright white, or navy streetwear on neutral seasons.

Although cool or fair skin can match with a wider spectrum of colors, there are still hues that must be avoided. Some examples are pale colors and strong yellows that will only wash away your skin further.  

Neutral Skin Tone

Lucky if you’ve got Angelina Jolie’s neutral skin tone which is generally not too dark and not too pale. The olive or medium skin can match with any of the color wheel but it’s safe to choose a muted version of colors than oversaturated ones. Try white, mid-range gray, coffee, or black. The same that goes with a warm skin tone, avoid wearing colors that are too close to your skin color so you won’t end up blending with your wardrobe.   


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