There are various flowers that are associated with the Spirit Of Christmas and each one have unique legends associated with them. Among them, the poinsettia is a special flower that forms a part of most Christmas decorations and gifts. We will discuss the significance of the flower and if you want to buy poinsettia flowerPunee or order Christmas poinsettias after reading this article, there are some top florists in Pune who can supply that.

Poinsettia history and myths

The flower is also termed as the Christmas star and its origins can be traced back to Central America, more specifically, to the country of Mexico. The flower was very popular among the Aztecs for making colourful dyes for their clothes. The leaves were also used to prepare medicines for the relief of fever. The name of the flower came from the name of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was the first ambassador of United States to Mexico and introduced the plant in USA around the year 1825. He grew them in his own plantations and sent them as Christmas gifts to his friends. Gradually the beauty of the poinsettia plant caught everyone’s fancy and it became popular as a Christmas and holiday flower.

One friend of Joel Roberts Poinsett, was John Bartram, who was a lover of plants. He sold these flowers in the Philadelphia flower show under their botanical name 'Euphorbia pulcherrima' for the first time. Poinsettia meaning has no significance in English but in Mexico, these beautiful flowers are regarded special and they are also described as 'Flowers of the Holy Night'. There is a Mexican legend behind this name which creates a permanent bond between these flowers and Christmas.

There lived a poor girl named Pepita who had nothing to gift to child Jesus after his birth. She was advised by her cousin that even the simplest gift presented with love, is perfect for the holy child. Hence, she picked up a few weeds as her gift and though she felt embarrassed about her gift, she offered the same. Much to the surprise of the spectators, the weeds then blossomed into the beautiful poinsettia flowers and it was considered as a miracle. So with this tale of origin, the flower has formed a perfect relation with the festive spirit of Christmas.

Poinsettia flower symbolism and facts

The poinsettia flower meaning & symbolism also has other notable points as the star shaped flowers are said to be the mark of the Star of Bethlehem. The red colour flowers are a symbol of the blood of Christ while the white leaves are a symbol of purity. The colourful flower form a stark contrast to the white and barren landscape of winter, making them stand out in all respect as the sign of life. Among other interesting poinsettia facts, a significant one is that it is the national emblem of Madagascar.

With the upcoming Christmas season, these flowers will be in great demand as part of Christmas gifts. In case you need to make poinsettia delivery pune, make sure you get in touch with the best online florists for the perfect delivery.

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