The Future of Renewable Energy

It is very important to use the alternative natural resources Renewable Energy instead of using the minerals that are present underground. Many developed countries use various renewable resources for the development and advancement of their countries. Earth is facing threats like global warming and others, so people are taking steps to save the earth as well as to have a sustainable development for all.  Electricity is a major part in completing various tasks of human beings so hydropower plants are set up to produce a large amount of energy without depletion of natural resources. Since ages hydropower plants are used to generate electricity and it had created no adverse effect on nature. India is ranked as one of the developing nations because it had created all the possibilities of generating and utilizing the renewable resources. It has minimized the expenditure of COAL import and export from other countries by taking full advantage of water cycle and gravity.

Importance of Renewable Energy
The Renewable Energy is the resources which can be replaced again and again when after using over and over. Renewable Energy like The hydropower plants are set up near the waterfall and streams and the turbines are installed which generate electricity. Then the electricity gets distributed all over the countries. Electricity was once generated by coals, fossil fuels etc. but the demand for electricity increased which led to depletion of fossil fuel, coals, and other natural resources. This led to the discovery of an alternative form of energy.

The Comparative Analysis of Renewable Sources
There is a maximum growth in India’s economic sector. Our nation used to spend a heavy amount of worth 1 lakh corer per year on coal for the production of electricity. In order to supply energy to the entire nation, it is needed to use an alternate form of energy. So India is ranked as the largest producing electricity power country.

How To Make Renewable Energy
Along with the Hydropower, there is also enough scope for India in making use of tidal power energy as well as solar energy for producing electricity. India is windy as well as gets enough sunlight throughout the year to produce electricity and Renewable Energy.
Many other countries are inspired from India and are trying to install as well as use those alternative sources. A little measure is needed or it can end up doing a fatal cause to the environment.

Advantages of Renewable Resources in the Developing Countries
There are various advantages of using renewable energy and resources in the developing countries. The hydropower plant needs a small space for the setup. It is pollution free. It is reliable and has no hazardous effect on the environment. Most importantly it saves fossil fuel and helps in sustainable development.

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