The medical Revenue Cycle Management in the USA includes umpteen procedures under its umbrella, namely billing, coding, registration, eligibility verification, data feeding, prior authorization, charging, claim management, denial management, payment, accounts receivable management, appeal etc. All of these demand specialized knowledge and nuanced handling, which Sunknowledge Services Inc, the numero uno medical billing company of the US, has mastered. It offers a comprehensive end-to-end revenue reimbursement service along with standalone offer too on an ala carte basis. One of the most important and initial processes which mark the beginning of the medical revenue cycle generation is called prior authorization.

Prior authorization is the procedure followed by a provider to ensure that the prescription is duely covered by the relevant insurance company as presented by the patient. It entails many a legal formality which is easier said than done. Physicians and other medical service providers are often baffled by the enormous clerical burden which the process of prior authorization requires. In the absence of the right legal awareness and technical expertise, all the hard work by unprofessional practice managers is fruitless. According to many statistical studies doctors often spend a considerable amount of time meant for medical practice in paperwork for prior authorization.

That’s where arises the need for a company customized for detailed technicalities of revenue generation. Sunknowledge is the undisputed king of that domain, which practices electronic prior authorization, saving time and effort.

The vital properties of Sun Knowledge’s super Prior Authorization process are as follows

  • A data bank of essential information about the patient, provider, and payer

  • Authentication of individual prior authorization profile with regular communication with the payer

  • Effective verification of the patient’s eligibility and identity

  • Initiating the prior authorization request on the stipulated insurance rules

  • Regular updating of the prior authorization profile status

  • Collaborating with the help of the essential documents from the provider’s office

  • Furnishing all extra information

  • Regular updating of the prior authorization information to the billing software

  • Economical practice rate at just $5 per authorization profile

The advantages of an improved and customized prior authorization system by Sunknowledge are

  • Enhanced rate of reimbursement by doing away with useless intermittent procedures

  • Improved reliability and consistency of practice

  • The decrease in authorization denial

  • Improvement in standard of work and accuracy

  • Reduction of the process cost

Sunknowledge stands tall in carrying forward the legacy of medical billing in the US to unmatched heights.

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