Substitute Brightree Billing Services

Presently, 50% of the Sunknowledge business involves around DME practice management/ revenue cycle management. We have set benchmarks in improving cash flow with our best in class support in DME billing services.

A lot of providers in the DME space might be aware of the changes in the competitive bidding scenario. It opens up equal opportunities for both non-bid winners and bid winners. The market-oriented set up is quite lucrative and as a DME provider, you have the chance of securing more Medicare customers.

As a next-gen DME billing destination, we set the perfect foundation, offering state of the art support and transform your cash flow by working as your desirable operational extension. Our team of DME billers/ coders is well versed with the mandates of the industry, offer actionable insights that help in improving cash flow for leading DME providers across jurisdictions.

Our team is versatile across all major billing systems like Brightree, OPIE, and others. Moreover, we are equally equipped to handle any proprietary platforms and offer our steady assistance in handling both front end and back end revenue cycle management activities.

The reason we are a perfect alternative to Brightree Billing Services

Our superior range of support is much more flexible than Brightree billing services. We have successfully reduced billing costs by 70% and have a successful track record of accounts receivable collections of 97%. Our team is versatile across all major practice management/EMR/ billing systems and performs task-specific activities in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management, and accounts receivable recovery.

Presently, we have a flat rate of $2200 per month for a dedicated employee who will be working as your billing extension. Alongside, you will also be receiving account management and reporting support without any further additional expenses. In fact, we are 70% cheaper than Brightree billing services and extend our powerful assistance transforming your revenue. Leverage our advantage this season and capitalize on the immense possibilities that we bring forward to the table as a top class RCM destination. We are just a call away from you!

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