Everyone in today’s world is striving for profit in a faster way. In any business, productivity can be obtained mainly with these four steps; focusing on improving the business efficiencies, recognizing its weakness, technologically updating oneself and revenue development.

Perfect Solution to Your DME Prior Authorization Problem:

With Sunknowledge as your operational extension, a 100% HIPAA HITECH Compliant organization get a smooth authorization request, flow up and approval for your all DME Prior authorization problems.  With a track record of 100% PA submission on the same day and 80%, instant reduction in operational cost, making Sunknowledge is the best option for all your DME Prior authorization service. Unmatchable productive metrics with operational transparency and customized reporting is done according to clients needs. These help the providers to note the key performance indicators (KPIs) and identifying business problems and solution for an efficient result.

Sunknowledge Service Inc. is one of the leading 360-degree RCM organization, working with both payers and providers. It is an organization which has no contractual binding thus making it easy, for providers to choose services according to their priorities. It also offers standalone/end to end service for all its billing process where no balance is written off without formal approval. Even same amount attention is paid to every cash amount respective of its size and sources. With a track record of 99% accuracy rate it also offers additional support to the providers.

Prior Authorization for DME

Leverage Sunknowledge additional support too:

CPAP User Compliance Activities Including:

  • Tracking

  • Contacting and advising non-compliant patients

  • Contacting compliant patients and providing appointment alerts

  • Scheduling appointment with doctor’s office

  • Contacting ordering physicians with compliance reports

Sales Support by Reaching Out To:

  • Existing CPAP users regarding supplies if eligible

  • Existing diabetic/incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible

  • Previous patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products

Our expert teams are always available with innovative approach, which will help you grow your business and maximizes your ROI. For business solutions on DME prior authorization services, speak to our team over “no commitment call’. We are just a call away.

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