solar pool heaters

Looking to buy a pool heater for your home in Sydney and to extend the swimming season? We chalk out the pros and cons of each of these three pool heaters so you can enjoy your pool more often.


A solar pool heating systems allow you to use sun’s energy to heat your pool and is the least expensive to operate.

It requires only a little bit of energy to run the pump and power the solar collector, thus resulting in significant savings in energy bills. Thanks to the abundant sunlight, solar pool heaters are fast emerging as the most popular and cost-effective method of heating pool water.

A solar pool heating systems consist of

  • A solar pool collector

  • A filter

  • A pump

  • A solar pump


  • Coupled with a solar blanket, they can easily extend the pool season

  • Low operating costs

  • Green technology – reduced carbon  footprints

  • Capable of cooling your pool in the summers

  • Least expensive among the different types of pool heaters

  • Long life-span


  • Water usually absorbs the heat of about 3-5 degree as they pass through the collectors

  • Heats water gradually and takes a long time

  • 70% of heat loss occurs during the night as solar heats only during the day when the sun is shining

  • Will require a backup heater (gas pool heater or electric heater) to heat the pool for a morning swim.


gas pool heating sydney

Gas pool heaters are recognized for the speed and ability to quickly heat your pool; however, it comes at a cost. Thus, they may not be the most energy-efficient option but are a 100% reliable choice for heating your pool at any time of the year, even the Christmas Eve. Gas pool heating use either natural gas or propane to power the pump which circulates the pool water through the filter and the heater before returning it to the pool


  • Low initial investment

  • Fastest in heating the pool

  • 100% reliable for quick pool heating

  • An ideal choice if you have a natural gas supply in your Sydney suburb

  • Excellent backup support for your solar pool heating system

  • Not dependent on air unlike heat pool pump

  • Fewer problems with wear and tear

  • Less expensive to operate than an electric pool pump


  • High energy bills

  • Expensive installation cost

  • Since gas prices tend to fluctuate, they can expensive to run in winters by almost 30 - 40%

  • Usually, repair expenses are far and few but occasional fixes can be very expensive


Pool heat pumps are a great way to extend your swimming season at a reasonably low cost. They use an evaporator and compressor system and a small amount of electricity to capture ambient heat and multiplying that energy to heat the pool. Most highly-efficient pool heat pumps use scroll compressors versus reciprocal compressors. It is equally important to factor in the size, efficiency and cost of the heated pool pump to save more money in the long run.


  • The most energy-efficient pool heating system available

  • Can heat your pool at any time of the year

  • Environment-friendly

  • Use ambient heat in the surrounding to heat the pool water

  • Most efficient can have your pool for the greatest length of time

  • Incredibly low cost of running due to higher efficiency

  • Easy to install


  • Require warmer ambient temperatures

  • Higher initial cost


Choosing a pool heating system has never been more exciting! Heating a swimming pool need no longer add up to your heating bills by choosing an energy efficient pool heating option.

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