A home is a person’s greatest property, it is their solace. No matter what one goes through they can always return to their home at the end of the day and sleep tension-free. Thus, making a person’s home a kind of sanctuary which they can return to no matter what. But imagine when this home being attacked, not by humans, but by pests. This can be the biggest nightmare for any homeowner. Because pests are a kind of breed that keeps on coming. How many times you kill them? This horrifying predicament can turn any homeowner insane and make their period of solace in their homes, a living hell. To avoid this, one can choose to install trap systems in their house. These trap systems are very effective to make sure that one’s home is always free of any kind of pests, through the entire year.

Trap Systems Can Be of Two Types When Classified Under Function:

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1. Pseudo trap systems: These kinds of systems basically make sure that pests simply cannot enter one’s house. It mostly works around the function of blocking all possible entries for the pests in the house. It makes use of clogs, sprays, and electrified plates to make sure that the pests stay away from a house and don’t even try to enter it.

Advantage: There are no bodies of pests to dispose of, which can be a very disgusting and harsh job for one to perform. Failing to dispose bodies often result in awful smell and thus make a house inhabitable. These traps are great for vegans.

Disadvantage: The biggest disadvantage of such traps is that they aren’t fool-proof. Pests may always find another way to enter the house. Sometimes pests are forced to damage the house just to enter such a blocked house.

2. Death trap systems: Such systems are basically a sure shot way of making sure that the pest trying to enter one’s house isn’t able to do so. These are mostly set up in the places where the pests are likely to attack and also in places from where they are likely to enter from. This method makes use of methods like poisoning, sticking, and other such fatal methods.

Advantage: These traps make sure that the pests are killed and they can’t attack the house again another time. These traps also spreads fear among other pests which might try to enter the house.

Disadvantage: These traps are fatal so they leave a body behind. This might also add a lot of blood too, making things really dirty and repulsive. Using these traps can cause your home to become a very smelly and unhygienic place to stay in.

Trap Systems Can Again Be Found in Two Types Based on The Type of Pests They Keep Away, They Are:

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 Big pest traps: These traps are used to keep away big and sizable pests such as mice, raccoons and other such animals which might invade one’s home. These traps come in a variety of their own, they are.

  • Electric traps

  • Plastic Snap traps

  • Catch and release traps

And many more such traps.

  • Flies and insect traps: As one can understand from the name, these traps mainly make sure that one’s house is free from any insects. These come in the form of sprays, sticky mats, meshes etc.

No house is ever safe from pest attacks; these attacks torment home-owners around the world. To avoid the harassment and the torment the best choice is to go from a trap system and make home a place of solace again.

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