Every home and kitchen requires a waste bin! Well, everyone has different requirements; however, there is no dearth of kitchen bin systems that’s available on the market these days. Clearly, there is no need to continue using the same old flip top bin that sits on the ground uncovered. That’s why, at an early stage in your design process, you should think about your bin storage solutions.

Integrated Kitchen Bin

Integrated kitchen bin systems are available in so many designs and shapes, and some of these needs particularly designed cabinets – this is precisely the reason why you should think about your personal requirements so that your designer can integrate this into your kitchen layout design.

Pull-Out Kitchen Bins

An increasingly well-accepted type of bin that’s being used is full sized pull out kitchen bins; however, you need adequate space to install it, as each container is usually around 35 litres and they are installed into a devoted bin cabinet. For instance, Hafele’s Hailo Euro-Cargo ST45 that has 2 bin pails of 35 litres each integrated Hafele One2Five metal lid that’s smoothly installed on full-extension soft close runners. Each pail is effortlessly disconnected for taking the waste out to your bigger bin or for cleaning as required. Moreover, having the lid and usually not using the entire height of your cabinet saves space on the metal lid for spare bin liners.

One2Five Kitchen Bin System

There is a substitute to pull-out kitchen bins and that’s Hafele’s One2Five kitchen bin system range. This One2Five system contains a frame system, which is installed to your kitchen drawer runners. This offers you greater flexibility in the cabinet sizes and bin pails that are being used. This can be easily set up/ installed in 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm cabinets with a broad range of pail configurations to suit your personal requirements. Similar to the Euro-Cargo system, this also is integrated with its own plastic lid that can be used for storage of lightweight items.

Another benefit of the One2Five kitchen bin system is this can also be incorporated with a motorised opening system that can be a little more for a kitchen bin, but with handleless designs being ever more popular rather than seizing your door front with marinated covered hands – it is as simple as giving the door front a tender push with your knee that will open up the front so that you can dispose of your waste. Without doubt, this is an excellent bin storage solution provided you have required space, which isn’t the case with many small kitchens.

Pull-Out Twin Bin

Due to space constraints, a compact waste bin is the in-thing. For instance, Hafele Hailo Tandem 36 pull-out twin bin is the perfect solution. This pull-out waste bin is compact and can usually fit within your sink cabinet beneath your sink bowls. Although the 18-litre bin pails are smaller in size, they will often need to be vacated; however, this remains the favourite option for many. Just like the other waste bins listed above, this also has an integrated lid, which really is a brilliant storage space for lighter items.

Where to Position Your Waste Bin

Ideally, the best place to position your bin would be between your cooking area and your kitchen sink, which will facilitate you to easily access your bin from both of your working stations.

Final Words

We have just covered some of the popular options out there. Regardless of your kitchen layout, space and budget, certainly you’ll be able to find a waste bin storage solution for your new or renovated kitchen.

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