There is no doubt that tungsten rings have become more famous among men. Looking at the demand for these rings it can be said that these rings will go for a long way as one of the most fashionable and functional wedding accessories for this modern generation. More and more jewelry stores also have started selling tungsten rings or bands these days.

Tungsten wedding bands come in various styles and designs. No matter what is your personality, you can be sure to find one that matches your Fashion and style. If you love gold but can’t afford it, you can go for a gold tungsten ring. There are a lot of choices. Just check out the items and pick one that appeals to you the most.

Different types of tungsten wedding ring that you can buy

1. Wide width tungsten wedding bands
These are the unique and fashionable choice for those men who want something greatly different from traditional gold, silver and diamond wedding rings. The titanium wedding bands for men consists of rings over around 10mm width. It can go up to around 16mm with select companies.

Such rings are edgier and look quite masculine. These are very popular among the young generation. Wide width tungsten rings come in different finishes like the popular polished finish, the muted stain brushed finish and the color plated finish which may include black, gold or all new chocolate plating.

2. Hammered carbide tungsten band
These tungsten rings are quite unique and eye-catching. No matter what is your style, you will get the perfect rings. One of the popular rings in this section is a gold tungsten ring. The rings come in different ring widths and styles. You can get a popular dome shape; flat pipe cut design, a beveled edge shape, and the step-down edge shape at reasonable prices.

Talking about the finishing, they are polished in such a way that the integrity of the tungsten rings will stay intact through the hand hammering. Each hammered tungsten rings are unique and you will find them more beautiful. Want to show off your bold fashion style, grab a hammered tungsten wedding ring now.

3. Inlays carbide tungsten bands
The titanium wedding bands for men with inlays add a unique personality to the rings which will look different from traditional ring styles. Talking about fashion tungsten inlay rings, you can get redwood and ebony wood inlays which bring a gentle touch of nature to the tungsten ring. There are other inlays like a white shell, black shell and abalone shell which are perfect for both women and men.

For a masculine look, a carbon fiber inlays in silver and dark grey will be perfect. There are also tungsten rings with ceramic inlays which are best for people who are busy doing manual work. The lightweight and the scratch-resistant ceramic material are extremely durable and last for a long time.

4. Black tungsten rings
Black tungsten wedding rings are in great demand for around many years. The tungsten is a bold fashion choice, and you can wear it as a wedding band and fashion ring. These rings are created by heating the tungsten metal and plating the tungsten ring with the colors. However, black tungsten rings are not for those who work with their hands as the ring can scratch and fade over time.

The best thing about the titanium wedding bands for men is, you can wear them for different occasions. They will enhance your look and will help you to show your nature to people. Going to attend a formal party? Look dashing in your suit with a tungsten ring wrapped on your finger. Party all night without any worry with a tungsten ring. If you have been trying to get a perfect wedding ring, consider tungsten rings. You will not regret in future.

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