When it comes to tech and gadgets I always love them all. And I am always looking for new and innovative ideas around. Especially the thing yet to be launched. Here I am bringing Samsung foldable smartphone which is ready to be launched in the this November. This gadget is really cool with the folding capacities and could take your experience of using a smartphone to a whole new level.

In this post, you would know the information which is recently revealed by Samsung. The information which is trending to know what Samsung is going to offer on this beautiful device with features and competitive capacity of specs.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Here we go with the accurate information about this smartphone and its first show off. You would love to know that the Korean developers planned to reveal this foldable smartphone most probably in the month of November 2018. Yes, on November 7 of this year they went to reveal the phone in physical shape and onward they planned to launch the release on the market.

The rumors are spread from a previous couple of months about this beautiful beast. But the fans are still waiting for its launch. The information source is Verge and some other highly reputed sites that always release the authentic information about gadgets before its launch. If you see the tech forums most of the community members are talking and asking about it.

Now Samsung is near to wrap up the engineering work for the crafting of this beautifully designed foldable smartphone. The information floated by a tweet on twitter from the company about the release. People around the globe especially the tech enthusiast waited so long for this launch.

Samsung Tweet about Samsung foldable smartphone

So it is officially confirmed that Samsung is going to reveal it at the upcoming conference. By the prevailing information, the company is going to name this foldable smartphone “Galaxy F” and “Galaxy X”. Let us hop in to know more what Samsung is going to unleash in this device.

What Galaxy X does offer?

Well, the information is purely based on rumors as the smartphone is not yet released. But from Samsung, it is already revealed that this foldable smartphone is going to offer a 7 inches’ screen for display. The display would have the capacity of folding and would become 3.5-inch of the display when it is folded.

Here is an amazing thing added with the concept of butterfly cell phones. The phone would have an outside display when it is folded for a quick view of your content and notifications. It is incredible to get a quick access on an extra screen outside the main screen. It would look like an electronic wallet when folded.

When I heard that the phone would enable you to open from sides and also horizontal I got shocked. But it is true Samsung is going to innovate the tech more multi-opening. You can easily open it like a notepad. The foldable capacity is making the screen large when it is unfolded for a larger screen to see your content more closely. It is also offering a splitting of your screen in multi-panels and to see your different content on the same screen in multi-sections and also would make you able to see an image in the large screen.

The company is also worked on a specific Android system to support the foldability of this smartphone. So, we can easily say that Samsung is also introducing a new Android on this foldable smartphone.

What Is Missing?

Beyond some spectacular offers on this foldable smartphone, there are some features you are going to miss on it. Yes, some features that most of the latest smartphones are offering would be absent here. One of the most important features is the fingerprint scanner which is not including into the chassis. It is a rumor that Samsung Galaxy S 10 would have a biometric scanner hidden underneath the display. But the Galaxy X is going to miss this feature.


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