Modern architecture has undergone dramatic change in the past few years. House owners now crave for large windows and desire to have uninhibited view. Windows in any house is an art display and its framing and decoration highlights the beauty of the entire house. Now, one might ask as to how to decorate such giant windows. Are curtains the only option? Well, modern home décor companies offer wide array of blinds and shades to deck up such big size windows.

Roller Shades can Upgrade Interior Designs

Roller shade is one of the best options to beautify giant windows since they seamlessly blend with any home décor and architecture. Modern design and slim profile of roller shades do not obstruct outside view despite adding charm to window dressing.

Nowadays, custom made roller shades have come up to give every room a personalized look. For instance, in a kid’s room, one can install shades with cartoon characters or kids’ friendly designs. They will create a playful impression for the little ones. Similarly, in a living room shade one can use sophisticated color or elegant designs and black out shades in the bedroom. All-white concept is just perfect for having a minimal and clean look.

These window coverings were earlier a basic necessity but now, they have become a chic addition to any interior décor. These shades are available in numerous textures, patterns and materials. Vinyl shades are revamped in modern days to reveal wonderful fashion shade. Since roller shades have minimal nature, people usually look for robust window dressings like drapery or Roman shades. They also come in layered and standalone designs styles to elevate the look of a house.

Accessories Elevate the Look of Roller Shades

Decorative valances give a special touch to architectural details. To have a soft look, choose fabric valance for window dressing. This design element is chic and modern and offers a perfect style to custom made roller shades. Again, for true minimalist look, one can use the shade without any valance or head rail.

Why use roller shades for home décor?

The best part is that this shade is ideal for casual as well as formal applications and also for all kinds of room styles. Roller shades have such flexible nature that they can camouflage in any space. Bold patterns and color create a style statement. These shades provide a one-of-a-kind look. Modern home decoration can now avail woven wood shades for a unique appearance.

Thus, these shades are a beautiful addition to any room. This simple window dressing adds texture.

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