We often neglect the Home Maintenance in Dubai. Between our daily life and other responsibilities, we neglect the Home Maintenance our vehicles need maintenance just like that Home Maintenance a necessary evil.

While buying Home:

Most people most likely 1st think about monetary responsibility. Don’t let yourself forget, however, concerning the time and labor that home possession additionally needs. A bit like regular oil changes for your automobile keeps your engine happy and healthy, maintaining with regular home maintenance tasks can keep you from future headaches and wasted cash.

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Inspect and change AC filter:

Check the AC filter regularly mob will say to change AC filter monthly in Home Maintenance in Dubai but professionally no need to change monthly. Inspect the filter if a filter is dirty then change it if there’s no problem don’t change it inspect it again in next month.

Change Fire extinguisher:

You have to know that how to use fire extinguisher. Check the gauge shows enough pressure. Different types of fire extinguisher are used like water, powder, foam, co2 and wet chemicals.

Inspect the CO Detector:

While Doing Home Maintenance in Dubai check the CO detector. These things have long lifespan approximately 5 to 10 years. But inspect it regularly time to time. These gadgets have a test button on it press it for long detector sound an alarm. If doesn’t replace the battery.

Interior of Home:

Next thing you have to do with your home while doing Home Maintenance in Dubai. The easy way to do this check the crakes and damages on the floor and walls in all rooms. Check out the kitchen leaks in the sink and toilet in the bathrooms. You can also check out the locks on windows and doors. If you found any minus point note down it and contact the maintenance company in Dubai.

Out Door Area:

Another important thing in Home Maintenance in Dubai is outdoor area maintenance. Clear up any unnecessary plants, shrubs, and dead plants that decrease the beauty of your home and also damage the foundation of your home in Dubai neat and clean surrounding around your home adds the plus point to your home beauty.

Sanitize The Home:

The Homeowner should check the basement, kitchen, and cupboard of home regularly in the summer to check any type of inspection. Sanitization of your home or pest-control to get relieved of insects, bed bugs and any other type of insects. Because these type of insects create different types of harmful diseases and infections it could result in health risks. If you don’t want this type of flaws than sanitize your home in Dubai regularly and properly.

Self-clean the oven:

The Oven is the most usable thing in household items. Remove everything from the oven like racks, pizza stone, thermometer etc. Use the baking soda mixture for cleaning the oven.  Take 2 or 3 tablespoons of water and ½ cup of baking soda mix it gently and wipe up every part of your oven. Spread the paste on all over the interior parts of oven allow the baking soda to rest in oven for 12 hours then it turns into brownish color than clean it add more water or vinegar as needed while wiping up.

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