The real estate market is increasingly competitive.

Stand out from the competition is a must. One way to do this is to promote your property in the best possible way. For this, you will have to take good photographs and make great videos that will boost the sale. and sharing on social networks.

To help you, HappyInvestor; Atlanta investment property leaves you with several tips on real estate photography. Learn to take better photos of real estate.

  1. Have a good machine
    Nowadays, it makes it easier to use the cameras of mobile devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone. However, despite the good quality of most cameras, these types of devices are not the most suitable for these photographs. Choose a camera with a good wide-angle lens, with manual settings and auto-shooting, allowing you to capture as much area as possible and with realistic colors.

  1. Choose to use a tripod
    Most pictures should be well focused without any movement. If you use a tripod, you do not run the risk of blurring photos and will have a better end result. If possible, opt for automatic shooting avoiding pressing the shutter release button on your camera to prevent your pictures from having any movement.

  1. Be rigorous in the perspective
    Be rigorous in the perspectives in which you will photograph your property. Look for the best framing and highlight the most important points of the area to be photographed. Thus, you will have more balanced and more attractive photographs for a better visualization of your client.

  1. Avoid using the flash
    Avoid using the flash - choose to shoot in natural light. Shoot at a good time of day to ensure the best natural lighting. The client wants to see realistic photographs of their future home!

  1. Organize and disseminate photos sequentially
    Divide photos in a sequential and logical fashion to better engage your customers. Try to make a virtual tour of your real estate, first publicize the photos of the lobby or the room and continue as if you were to take a guided tour.

Increasingly, the real estate market is more demanding and competitive and the X-IMO CRM team suggests that you release good photos and videos. Following our tips will get you better results. Differentiate yourself and attract even more customers!


Vander Deeman graduated in Economics from PUC-SP and Financial Planner certified by IBCPF. He began his career as an equity analyst and has more than 12 years of experience in operations desk, fund management, investor relations and equity allocation.

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