Focusing on patients amidst stiff competition, can be a huge challenge for a full service in Prior Authorization for Imaging Centers. Also, beyond patient satisfaction, imaging providers need to preserve and also grow their referral numbers.

  • There are many insurance plans that need prior authorization for imaging procedures, especially the ones that are higher in costs such as CT, MRI as well as PET imaging. It is quite evident that performing these services without first obtaining the authorization creates a denial of payment when the claim for the services is submitted.

  • Often it is observed that the staffs of the imaging centers are not adequately informed about the knowledge of which plans need prior authorization. It appears to be a straight forward process but can be a tricky affair.

The best way to handle all of it will be through experience and exposure to the plans, a practice encounters the most. It is precisely the reason that a lot of imaging providers look forward to a quality healthcare revenue cycle management company, offering complete support in prior authorization.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: A one stop destination for all your prior authorization challenges

Drive your practice management best practices with the Sunknowledge advantage! The best part of working with us is our ability to work as your reliable operational extension. We offer consistency, a great action plan that transforms your cash flow in the best possible manner. Our team of prior authorization experts provides complete assistance; reduce your practice management pains with cutting edge prior authorization for imaging centers.

Right from initiating the auth request, collection of important documents, contacting the insurance companies, validating the information, contacting the physician office, updating the auth outcome in the PM/ billing system, we are a next gen prior authorization company.

As a complete medical billing and collections organization, we offer all our services on a standalone basis. Our teams of billers, practice management experts are well versed across all major billing systems, extend the right support that eliminates proven challenges. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now! We deliver proactive prior authorization services at the best price in the market.

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