The holiday season is upon us. After another hectic year, people will get some time to spend with their loved ones. To ensure that the air is filled with positivity, joy and happiness and the coming year is always delightful, you should choose to give the Green Gifting gift of greenery to yourselves and others.

Green Gifting – It never gets old

Since time immemorial, gifting green plants has been considered a warm gesture. It denotes that you wish nothing but care & growth for the giftee. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift, this holiday season, here are a few suggestions:

  • Natural Air Purifiers

Heart Leaf – Philodandron by Green Decor

To ensure that your loved ones come home to pure air, you can choose from a wide range of indoor plants for air purification, like the Broadleaf Lady Plam, Peace Lily, Heart Leaf – Philodandron and more. These beautiful green plants will enliven the environment, wherever placed.

  • Aromatic Plants

Petunia having Light Pink Flower

Let the fragrance of togetherness take over and charm you all. Aromatic plants like Harshringar, Raat ki Rani, Rosemary and others, even though petite, are really big when it comes to leaving an impression and impact.

  • Attractive Bonsai Plants

Combo of stress buster plants

Nothing induces positive vibes in an environment like the stress-buster combo of bonsai plants, which includes Adenium Obesum, Ficus Bonsai and Two Layer Bamboo. This particular gift would be perfect for your near and dear ones, whom you want to stay stress-free in 2019 and always. To purchases this combo of bonsai plants online, click here.

  • Beautiful Money Tree

Golden Money Plant - Air Purifier Plant

Shower the blessings of fortune on your friends and family with a Money Tree. Let it be the symbol of your golden moments together and the bringer of prosperity for them.

So there you have it. These plants work best for green gifting and will help you spread positivity, all around you.


Image Credit: Natural Mantra & Green Decor

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