Tired of continually planning, handling and investing a great deal of time in managing your WordPress site? Lost sleep and peace over the efficient distribution of content on your WordPress Workflow blog?

It's time to say farewell to such bogey and introduce useful and friendly plugins to manage your WordPress workflow effectcts

Use these Plugins for easy Workflow:

  1. Oasis Workflow

It is beneficial to blogs that have multiple contributors. It offers several features like drag-and-drop interface, can assign tasks, customize statuses and many more. It enables you to step up an efficient team management workflow with an easy-to-use interface.

2. Good Writer Checkify

If you make checklists before writing content, this plugin is a must in your bucket. This plugin enables you to share your list with other writers in your team, creates exclusive lists from the various writing styles that you might adopt and makes the entire process a smooth one. You have ten slots to fill, so it's in your hands to make the best use of this plugin to provide your users with satisfying content and reading time.

3. Yoast SEO

Worried about the number of readers? Here is a plugin to your rescue. Yoast SEO is crafted to optimize your content for search engines to drive traffic to your page. It enables you to add focus keywords to your content, optimizes the results of search engines and improves the overall workflow of your blog.

  1. User Role Editor

If you are a part of a multi-user site as an administrator, this plugin will help you assign individual tasks, customize details according to your convenience, and restrict or authorize access to all the information present on the site. This makes coordination amongst the users trouble-free.

5. Sprout Invoices

Are you running a monetized blog? Are you interested in making money from your WordPress website?

If yes, streamlining your invoices is one task which will make you pull your hair. Sprout Invoice creates estimates of your invoices, sends notifications, helps you automate payment schedules and also, offers several integrated payment methods. What else is needed to make your workflow smooth, right?

6. Duplicator

One of the handiest plugins in WordPress is Duplicator. It ensures smooth and quick backup of your site/blog/page. Also, helps to clone, copy, transfer your site to another server. A staging site for experimentation can also be made with this plugin.

7. CoSchedule

Scheduling blog posts along with social media posts can be confusing at time, right? This is an all-in-one social editor calendar plugin which helps you conveniently schedule all your updates and posts in one place. With this plugin, you can create a queue of social media messages to send once your blog post goes live automatically. It has a drag-and-drop interface making visualizing and automating your social editorial workflow easy and fun.

Managing a structured workflow is a tough task but with these plugins and many more, the task becomes smoother, and the execution is productive. Get your processes right, and you'll be able to streamline your website and its workflow. With the right set of plugins, your WordPress workflow will turn from a labor-intensive job to a highly simplified one.

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