Well, the bathroom is often the most used and purposeful room in your home and often an uncared space too. We are aware that electricity and water don’t get along together. We restrict the gadgets we place in our bathroom because technology is often linked with electricity. If you’re tech-savvy, then you’ll be happy to know that there are certain high-tech gadgets that you can place in your bathroom, which you might never have imagined as possible in the first place. Let’s glance at the things that can revamp your bathroom and make it posh, and you won’t feel like going elsewhere in your home for these little luxuries.

bathroom gadgets

Charging Station for Your Smartphone

To include the capability to charge USB devices, upgrade your wall outlets in the bathroom. Make a portable wall mount on some areas of your bathroom that’s convenient to use and place your Smartphone chargers in a place that’s far off from water splashes and falls.

Don’t like wires hanging around? Well, if you have newer iPhone models then you don’t have to deal with wires either. Just install a portable wireless dock in your bathroom and place your phone on your charging stand or pad and the newest tech from iPhone will do the trick without needing any complex configuration. This latest wireless iPhone charger is another magnum opus from Apple.

Enjoy Your Shower Listening To Your Favourite Music 

In the music technology, aqua audio shower speaker is a revolutionary innovation. This is a completely waterproof speaker and accompanies a dependable suction cup, but the best part about this is that you can easily control the selection of your song and volume from within the shower area. It seamlessly syncs with your Smartphone and has a massive battery life lasting for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Add to it, it comes with a wireless mic to answer incoming calls if at all someone calls. Indeed, this gadget will enliven your music if you love to sing and dance while taking your shower.

Mount Flat Screen TV

You can mount a standard Led TV in your bathroom walls in front of your bathtub or toilet; however, keep in mind the safety guidelines when installing. Now, you’ll never have to miss your favourite game or highlights even if you have to attend nature’s call during that time.

wall mount TV

Waterproof Television

If you’re thinking to install a wall mount TV in your bathroom space, then wait because Hydra Indoor Waterproof Television, the latest innovation is in, which can endure high levels of humidity/ moisture and mist in the bathroom space. Standard TV’s are not known to withstand high levels of humidity/ moisture. Therefore, get a waterproof television and you won’t have to worry a bit. Enhance your television viewing experience with anti-fogging television screens and portable TVs.

waterproof television

If you can’t get your hands on it then there is yet another television variant, which you can implant in the mirror of your bathroom – and you can control it with one click. When you want to watch the television, it comes up and vanishes when you just want to use the mirror utility.

The Bottom Line

Don’t just blindly follow the options listed instead use your creativity and intuition to make life easier. With a little bit of knowledge and research skill, you can update just about anything in your home. You can even update your bathroom with useful gadgets with a little knowledge of electronics.

However, if you want professionals to handle this for you then straightaway contact Melbourne bathroom renovation specialists for the best bathroom remodeling outcomes.

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