Since the advent of website development, design and marketing, freelancing has been a real buzzword for the whole market. It has sealed its presence in some of the developed states in the world including Canada. Back in 2008, finding a freelancer who is capable to deliver you quality work and in time at the right price would turn out to be a pretty rad challenge. However today, the scope of freelancing has not only outgrown its baseline of requirements but have rather become a challenging enigma for many out there.

With so many freelancers making their way to the horizon, there comes a need to establish co-working places where these introverted souls can be creative and innovative. Most residents of Toronto have realized the potential of such freelancing market and are turning their Toronto Condos into a safe haven for such population. Human resource consulting firm (Randstad) revealed in one of its research that most remote contractors and workers prefer to work freelance and make at least 20-30 percent of the workforce in Canada.

It is expected that such numbers will eventually double up in the coming years.

What Does a Co-Working Space in Toronto Condos Look Like

In Toronto, co-working spaces are designed as powerful amenities to attract a number of freelancers seeking to build a name for themselves in the online world. It is a competitive market and people need a sound environment to keep their focus top-notch.

A specifically designed condo for co-workers features a space having a number of communal desks just like the ones you get in a private office. Condos are designed in such a way, that if one of your team player decides to conduct a roundhouse meeting, then you can have separate round table conferences which can help you gather them around and enable them to work.

Some people install sofas and lounge chairs within the premises and even create a small bar. There can be coffee stations, play areas, printing machines, TVs and you can add a whole lot more to your specific in order to create the perfect buzz within the workspace.  

Here’s What Kelly Cray of U31 Interior Designing Has to Say

According to Kelly Cray of U31 interior designer,

There’s a real shift in how people do business. Everyone used to go to the office from 9-5, but that’s not the case any more. You have the opportunity to use these amenities spaces [similar to] WeWork, but they’re covered in your maintenance fees”

Kelly took the audacity to turn the complete interior of the Graywood Developments, a condo located on Line 5 (Reserve Properties) near Yonge and Eglington. And while she was at there, she revealed that she has seen a sudden shift in the perceptions of people on how they conduct their businesses. She observed that people have left their 9-5 working habits behind and find a suitable place within their condos to work remotely. Besides, all expenses of utilizing the place is covered in their condos maintenance fee.

Condos are the new norm and have now become a rising choice among many people in the heart of Toronto. With the rise of freelance markets, people now perceive working remotely as a great option instead of going all the way to attend a full time office. Are you living in Canada and you are looking forward for quite and remote place to work? Why not search up a condo!

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