To live in dust free and clean hygienic house in quite challenging with working professionals and working moms. Even though it’s nearly impossible to keep every speck of dust out of your life, you can still drastically reduce the amount you need to deal with hiring a helper. Some of the best practices that can help to keep your house clean and tidy.

Change Your Aircon Air Filter: Most of the houses has a central cooling system. If your home has a central cooling system, your filter may be in need of some love and care. . It’s best to service these filters after about a month, but you can wait up to three months before it becomes a pressing need.

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Vacuum the house 4 times a week: Vacuums equipped with high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA filters, work best to clear your house of dust. Our Maid Agency provides the helpers that are trained fir operating most of the modern equipment. Our helpers are trained to vacuum your home 4 times a week, but if they don’t have the time to do for the whole house, they focus on areas with high usage and carpets.

* Sweep and Mop: Sweeping and mopping the floor us a good way to maintain the cleanliness in house. Our maud agency provides the helpers that are well trained in mop and sweep. Your kitchen floors every couple of days will go a long way to keeping those areas dust-free.

* Use Microfiber Cloths:  Our maid agency provides the helpers that are trained for what accessories to be used for what purpose. Microfiber cloths are specifically designed to trap dust, rather than just move it around. Make sure to throw your clothes in the washing machine after you use them, otherwise you’ll just end up trying to clean a dusty surface with a dust rag. Be careful with fabric softener when cleaning your microfiber cloths, because it can reduce their ability to trap dust particles.

* Remove your shoes outside the main Door: This is a polite way and show your attitude towards cleanliness. Not only is it polite, but it can also keep your family and guests from tracking unnecessary dust and much throughout your home. While it won’t stop all dust from entering your home, it will dramatically cut down on how much you need to clean up after they leave.

Groom Your Pets: Our maid agency provides a professional Indonesian Maid or Helper that are specialized for pet care. Our furry friends are amazing to cuddle with, but if you don’t clean them regularly, they can become dust and dander factories that make your breathing miserable. Make sure to clean them in the bathroom, your laundry room, or even outside to keep the mess to a minimum. Don’t forget about their bedding either, since it can end up becoming dirtier than your pet if you leave it untouched for extended periods of time.

Keeping your home clean and free of dust can be incredibly-time consuming, and you may have trouble fitting it into your busy schedule. That’s what we’re here for – At Okaylah Maid Agency; our team of professionals can help you to hire a helper.

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