Linksys range extenders are awesome devices which extend the existing network range and coverage throughout the home or office. Generally, these devices come with an installation CD which makes the Linksys extender setup process a bit easier. But it often happens that the CD gets lost or misplaced. Though you can set up the extender using a WiFi connection, this doesn’t work always.

Well, let us make you aware of a mystery i.e. you can also set up a Linksys WiFi range extender using a wired connection. In case you are having any sort of trouble while installing the extender through cables, this post will be a great help to you.

Prior to initiating our discussion for steps involved in Linksys WiFi range extender setup, let us first talk about what is a Linksys extender.

What is a Linksys wireless range extender and how it works

WiFi range extenders are tremendous networking gadgets, especially intended to handle the issue of blind spots present in a home or workplace. And Linksys extenders also do the same. is the web address used for Linksys devices.

These devices strengthen the signals coming from an access point or router and then send it to other client gadgets. Because of this amplification, the strength of the signal is to endure against saturation losses get improved, making wireless signal approachable to each far end of the network.

After reading this, a question may strike in your mind that what are these saturation losses, right? Well, check out its answer below.

We all know that WiFi signals get transmitted from one device to another. And the signal needs to pass through multiple hurdles like windows, table or walls during transmission. Due to such obstructions, the signal strength becomes weaker. This loss of the strength of signal is known as saturation or penetration losses.

When it’s said and done, now let’s move to the main question that how to perform Linksys extender setup through a wired connection.

In order to do so, walk through the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Check the WiFi settings of the router or access point

First and foremost, the WiFi settings of Linksys WiFi range extender should be compatible with that of the existing router or access point. Doing so will make both of the devices work properly. Here are a few settings to consider:

  • WiFi name

  • WiFi passphrase or password

  • WiFi channel

  • Security mode

To check the aforesaid WiFi settings, you have to access Linksys extender router login webpage.

  1. Connect the computer to the extender

As we are using a wired connection, so make a connection with the computer and Linksys extender through an Ethernet cable.

This will enable you to access Linksys web address with ease.

  1. Configure the range extender

The next step is to configure wireless settings of your booster. Before that, make sure to connect your device to Linksys extender setup-xxx network. Consider the instructions below to configure the extender’s settings:

  • Turn on your range extender.

  • Switch on a computer and laptop.

  • Connect it to a high-speed internet connection.

  • Launch an internet browser as per your desire.

  • Type linksys in the address field.

  • Go to settings section.

  • Choose the security mode for your network.

  • Enter the password.

  • Finally, click on save settings button.

Now exit the Linksys extender login webpage and reboot the extender. Congrats! Your range extender has been configured. Enjoy the extended connectivity throughout your house or workplace. Just connect as multiple smart gadgets as you can and surf the internet, shop online, play games online, stream music and movies, etc.

Before doing so, make sure to go through the reset process. To know how to reset Linksys range extender to the default factory settings, connect with our experts and get immediate assistance.

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