When it comes to washing screen printed apparel it is essential to take measure that will protect the print of your favorite apparel to be faded.  Although the quality of the screen printed attire depends on the manufacturing process but it is vital for you to care for it especially while washing it.

However, if you are also concern about the screen print of your favorite t-shirt, trouser or any attire then you must have a look below.

Here are the effective ways to wash screen printed attire without losing its quality.

Wash In Cold Water

This is the very first thing that you will need to ensure to maintain the quality of your screen printed attire. The reason behind this is that hot water is not suitable for screen printed and it can ultimately destroy it. On the other hand, cold water is gentle to your clothes as it totally cleans it without affecting its print.

Make sure to wash your printed clothes in cold water to successfully wear them for a long time. There is no reason to wash your clothes in hot water unless they’re unhygienic as the hot water helps disinfect them.

Say No to Bleach or Chemical Detergents

If you really want to clean your screen printed attire safely then you must opt out the bleach and chemical detergent from your washing process. Do not use bleach or any chemically produce detergents on your printed clothes as it will ruin it.

Just like hot water is not gentle for your printed attire, bleach and chemically produced detergents are not suitable for clothes. You can use light stain removers to clean spots of your screen print shirt safely without affecting it negatively.

Wash It Inside-Out

Keep in mind to turn your printed attire inside-out before putting it in the washing machine. When you will make your attire print inside-out then it will not get into contact with the washing machine body very often.

This way, the ink doesn’t get removed and the entire print will remain safe. Moreover, you can turn your clothes inside-out before ironing them.

Do not Wash It Regularly

Believe it or not, the more you wash your screen printing attire the more speedily you will fade its print. This is because every cloth can be worn for a specific time duration. Ensure to not wash your screen-printed clothes to easily keep them in your closet for a long time. Every time you wash your clothes, you speed up its aging process.

If your shirt is really dirty, then you must clean it. But, in case you have worn it for a couple of hours only and also it doesn’t look dirty at all, then no need to wash it so quickly.

Wash It Separately

Make sure to clean your screen printed attire in a separate session. For this, you can also search laundry provider over the internet in order to wash it separately. The internet is a useful resource to get screen printing quote due to an extensive list of the professional services provider. When you wash them with different color clothes its colors may be sneaked into your favorite print cloth.

In addition, if you wash different clothes together, it might rub each other and crack your cloth print. Thus it is recommended for you to clean your screen printed cloth separately to maintain their style.

Avoid Drying It in Machines

The electric dryer is one of the biggest enemies of your screen printed attire. Therefore, you must avoid it completely. Instead, use natural ways to dry your clothes to protect their prints. One of the effective ways to dry your printed clothes is to hang them on the clothing line in inside-out position. This way you can also protect your clothes print from direct sunlight.

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