2019’s Latest Most Popular Shoe Trend. With the end of spring-summer fashion show recently, the popular shoe trends noticed throughout the runaway are making headlines. Observing the trends in terms of footwear for women’s, one can make a guess about the types that are going to stay in fashion throughout the current year. Starting from heels to sandals to boots to a wide variety of prints, different forms of footwear have dominated the runaway. Let us have a look at the most popular as well as the latest trends of footwear for women that have made a prominent presence in the runaway.

1. Feathers

Ranging from heels to flats, feathers have made a prominent presence in the creations of various designers throughout the runaway. Whether feathers are added to the heels or the straps of the footwear, every design has created a unique appearance. As a result, this footwear grabbed the spotlight and stood out from the rest of the outfit. Judging by its uniqueness and popularity, feathers are expected to make appearances in various forms of footwear throughout the year.

2. Embroidery
This season's runaway has witnessed a lot of embroidery looks not only in women's clothing but also in their footwear. The intricate embroidered designs on boots or sliders have created a unique appearance which is being appreciated by all. Certainly, such designs can make any forms of footwear stood out from the rest of its peers and judging by its acceptance amongst the different sections of the population. This type of footwear is likely to rule the footwear fashion in the current year.

3. Teva-Inspired Sandals

These types of strappy sandals have made quite an impression throughout the runaway. Fashion Designers have made a lot of experiment in different types of footwear by adding velcro straps in crisscross forms. They are ideal as casual wear and are expected to be noticed in various forms throughout the year. One can get access to these types of sandals for women both on online websites as well as various designers shoe stores.

4. Strappy Sandals

Besides Velcro straps, many prominent designers have experimented with the strappy looks of a sandal. Multiple as well as rope-like straps made their appearances in flats, heels and other forms of footwear. These types of sandals can be paired with skirts or flared dresses. The straps of the sandals change the appearance of the feet and they can be either used as casual wear or can suit a person while vacationing on the beaches.strappy high heels sandle5. Sculptured Heels

Quite a unique approach, this years' spring and summer runaway have witnessed various geometrical shapes sculptured on the heels. Since the heels have a unique appearance they will still stand out even if one wore them with casual outfits. The highlight of the footwear is the heel, and they are sure to attract attention wherever they made an appearance.

6. Buckles

Buckles were also seen in a variety of women's footwear throughout the runaway. Many prominent designers have either used single or multiple buckles to create unique looks. When buckles are added to different forms of footwear, they enhance its attractiveness. One may lay their hands on such pair from the women’s footwear section on online or offline shoe stores and they can be paired with different types of outfits to create a fashion statement.

7. Bright Chunky Sneakers

Women Sneakers are always in fashion and their presence could always be noticed in runaways. However, this year witnesses some bright colored sneakers in the works of various designers. Sneakers are always comfortable to wear, and this year, their bright color is equally appreciated. When paired with outfits in tie and dye prints or other colors, this type of sneakers can help to create an overall colorful and lively appearance.


8. Statement Trainers

Apart from bright colored sneakers, different forms of statement trainers are also prominently visible in the runaway. In the works of various designers, crystal-studded sneakers, or glitter sneaker with platform heels or platform sneakers have grabbed the attention of onlookers.

9. Boots

Boots were always a prominent part of footwear for women’s fashion as they can be paired with dresses as well as jeans. This season’s runaway has witnessed a lot of variation in the forms of boots apart from cowboy boots. Some noticeable works are in the form of ankle boots, or boots with steel toe accent or boots with detailed embroidery.

10. Embellished Footwear

This season’s runaway not only witnessed embellished footwear in the form of crystals or rhinestones, but also in the form of beads, wooden spheres, and seashells. Such embellishments were noticed in footwear such as heels, sandals, mules and other types of footwear.

11. Animal Prints

Animal prints have been quite prominent in the runaway in the form of various types of boots as well as mules. Prints similar to a snakeskin or that of cheetah were quite prominent. They can be paired with various forms of outfits and they stood out in the crowd.

Each year's runaway noticed various kinds of experiments in terms of designs, print, the material of footwear. The designs that are likely to stay for a longer period of time is decided by the choice and preference of the people wearing them.


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