There are several issues that might crop up at some point of time with the ears and hearing. But good number of myths only creates panic among people of all ages. Knowing about the same can help the person to stop panicking and consult the Best ENT surgeons in India to get proper and timely treatment.

Some myths debunked

  • Myth 1: Keys, cotton swabs or fingers are sufficient to clean the ears: According to the ENT experts, people should avoid placing anything in the ear which is smaller than the elbow. The experts further state that ears do require cleaning, something that is taken care of on its own. Cerumen’s (the ear canal) skin migrates outwards to safeguard the delicate eardrum. Repeated prodding, picking or poking at this particular material only pushes it backwards, thus causing blockage and resulting in temporary hearing loss. It may also cause puncture in ear drum. Emergency surgery will be needed in case of serious injury to hearing bones. Also repeated scratching of the ear might cause ear canal thickening similar to a callous only pushing wax much deeper within the ear canal. The ENT can remove build-up of wax safely.

  • Infection present if ear hurts: Pain might be experienced due to something less severe taking place in the ear like TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) inflammation. Lying close to ear canal, pain nerves may be shared. The other common cause is External Otitis (Swimmer’s Ear), which is due to ear canal getting and staying wet. This dark, wet and warm environment becomes the perfect place for the development and multiplying of fungus and bacteria, thereby causing infection.Otitis media are another cause cited for infection within middle ear. It occurs after the upper respiratory infection tends to reach mid ear through Eustachian tube. Nerve inflammation surrounding the ear termed Neuralgia may cause extreme pain in the ear. Consuming soft diet and placing warm heating pad twice daily upon the affected jaw joint can help provide relief to the otherwise discomfort faced. It is the dentist who can manage TMJ inflammation.

  • Popping ears can be dangerous. But popping ears is termed to be rarely dangerous. There may be problems with the Eustachian tubes, the ear portion which pops, something that is rarely cited to be the problem. The problems encountered with Eustachian tubes are blockage. This will mean that the tube is not in a position to function properly, thereby causing stuffiness and pressure on the head. Fluid could accumulate in mid ear and diminished hearing experienced. The other problem faced is patulous (abnormally open) Eustachian tubes. It is cited to be an uncommon cause for ear stuffiness, which takes place if someone loses weight. With the tube being open, sensation may be caused of the voice being loud or echo (autophony) like the person being within a drum. Depending upon the cause of open Eustachian tube, the qualified and talented ENT specialist will recommend variety of treatments. Few treatments suggested for enhanced inner ear pressure are office surgery for delivering inner ear with steroids or diuretics.

  • Young people do not have to worry about loud noise: Anyone’s hearing can be damaged due to loud noise, irrespective of their age and gender. Over exposure to very loud noise like industrial sounds, gun fire, construction and lawn equipment, music or speaker blaring very loud, using headphones frequently may be the cause for hear loss. But how to determine if the person suffers from hearing damage. In case, hearing loss after being exposed to extreme noise, stuffiness, ringing, damage to delicate cochlea cells are experience, then it becomes vital to consul the Best ENT surgeons in India. Unfortunately, most of the hearing damage issues are found to be permanent. Hence, it is with proper prevention that it can be avoided. Ear protection will be of utmost importance for any noisy, unwanted situation like:

    • Using noisy yard equipment or high power noisy tools

    • Loud work environments

    • Using firearms

    • Riding motorcycle frequently

    • Exposed to concerts where there is noticed blaring loud music

Fortunately, in some cases, availing short steroid cause might help to reverse such acute hearing damage. So, consulting the top ENT will be of utmost importance.

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