Optical Mark Reader is an age old technology that has greatly improved with time, making its eminence in different sectors that deals with collection of data through various types of sources. Say it for educational sector or for survey industry, application of OMR Solutions is the most convenient method to collect and process a large amount of data in a short period of time. With the capability of delivering multiple functions at once, OMR technology has emerged as a more advanced form of paper based test that does not comprise of any manual error or lag.

What are the major areas of OMR application?

Educational sector

OMR Solution has got a significant part to play in the educational sector. It serves as a multifaceted method for evaluation of different types of OMR based assessments consisting of various parameters and indices. OMR evaluation method comes with fault proof accuracy and efficiency because of which real time test analysis becomes possible.

Corporate sector

In an organizational setting the productivity of workforce is what matters the most. Using OMR Solution to assess the employees helps in ascertaining the skill gaps and the outcome of training given. Internal employee assessments can also be conducted through this offline method to decide upon promotions and increments.


In Government sector, OMR Solutions is majorly used for conducting entrance exams or filling out the application forms. The amount of applicants are profoundly increasing with every passing year and OMR technology is the most affordable and hassle free way to counter this dire situation.

Survey Industry

In recent years many survey industries have shifted to a more affordable, efficient and fault proof method of conducting surveys with the application of OMR. The most recent switch of State Council of Educational Research (SCERT) to OMR has made it possible to grade the sheets of 36 lakh students who attempted the National Achievement Survey in Agra and Meerut.

Online assessment techniques are also a preferred medium to conduct assessments of all sorts but anything that is done through online comes with its own share of limitation. Internet availability at all times can be a trouble especially in backward areas. While conducting large scale surveys or Government examinations that mostly cover all the tiers of cities, application of online assessments can be a drawback. So this is the reason why use of OMR in conducting assessments can be a more efficient way to get the desired results.

Why is OMR Solution suitable for offline assessments?

The foremost benefit of OMR Solution is that even though it is an offline based system but it is not devoid of technology. OMR software is a highly diverse platform enabled with all the attributes to render complete OMR processing without any lag. Below mentioned are some of its benefits that make it a suitable choice for offline assessments:


One of the most certain advantage of using OMR technology to attain data from the assigned the documents is its speed. If assessment will not be OMR based then every sheet has to be manually read and scrutinized by a human being that can definitely be a time taking task. With the use of OMR, documents can be scanned at a much faster speed i.e., 300 sheets/min then in comparison to what can be done manually.


If there is a limitation in human speed while attaining results then there is also the criterion of imperfect accuracy. Manual marking of sheets, data analysis and data entry can be subject to human error as the process is lengthy and even the most professional person cannot be certain about delivering complete accuracy unlike the OMR software that has been designed in a way to eliminate human errors from the complete process.


OMR technology significantly lessens the people to be involved in the whole of conducting assessment process, automatically reducing the cost on manpower and logistics. OMR sheet processing can be done through any scanner Flatbed/ADF/MFP which saves the cost of purchasing high price specified scanners. Even the printing of OMR sheets is a low budget task as there is no need for special printer or sheets. So if we compare the overall expense of using OMR technology with that of manual method of conducting assessment then it is evident that the former option reduces the cost by far in comparison to the later one.


In an era where technology is rising with great speed engulfing every field and sector then implementing manual methods to anything that can be technically enhanced is a severe lack in development. But another catch to technical implementation is the awareness that what sort of technology will suit best to the situation at hand. In case of offline assessments the best form of technology that can be implemented is OMR. With multiple features augmenting the assessment process, there is no doubt that OMR processing and evaluation method is the most time saving cost effective and accurate way to conduct offline assessments.

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