A smart technology is being invented for window dressing – motorized window treatments. These are versatile and easy-to-use window treatment that can enhance interior designing, climate control and privacy of a room. However, there are plenty of options of motorized shades to choose from. Professional installation is the right choice because of a number of benefits.


  • Durability of the Motor

You will certainly not like to invest in a window dressing that will not function properly after some years. Hence, it is wise to go for reputed brands to ensure that you get reliable motors. With authentic motor, you will not need follow-up installations much. Renowned companies also offer warranties for replacement.

  • Noise

This is a great concern with motorized window coverings, especially in bedrooms or kid’s rooms when a little sound can create a nuisance. However, when you approach a big company and professional installer, motor noise does not remain an issue. These companies offer test-drive to check whether the shades make noise.

  • Controlling Options

How to manage the shades? Some companies provide single control from mobile app or remote while there are a few that provide third party controlling solutions. You can use touchpads, voice commands and even wall keypads in that case. Reputed companies work in association with their clients for incorporating different control options according to the choice of their clients.

  • Style

This is another decisive factor for window shades. Varied kinds of shades and blinds are there that can fit any kind of interior décor.  Technological professionals and designers can help in deciding the right assortment for your window after consulting with you.

  • Wired or Wireless

This primarily depends on the mode of operating of the shades. Battery-operated shades are the best choice since they are easy to install and are affordable ones. All you have to do is replace the battery according to how much you use the shades. Some go for wired motors but all the wires are hidden from view. In wired window shades, you do not have to worry about shortage of power.

  • Openness

Openness factor of the fabric to be used in shades is an important consideration. For rooms where you do not much light, you should for fabric with small openness. Also, nowadays, people use two varieties of shades in the same window.

So, these are certain factors that you should take into account before buying any motorized window covering.

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