Here in this article, we are going to guide you that how you can easily Update your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 android smartphone to Lollipop. This article is being written on the purpose of updating your device to the newer version of software because everyone wants the updated software in their devices as the updated version of every software is more bug-free and soft than ever because there are many fixes in the newer version of the software by the company.

Now everyone hates waiting for the update to come but some of the websites give the updated version of the software way before then the company gives out the official update so it is possible to manually update the device and this is what we are going to teach you guys in this article. Just follow the following steps written below and make sure to follow the precautions also.

Precautions to Update Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 to Lollipop

1: Make sure that your device is well charged, if not then charge it first because charging is the most important thing during this period of updating as if the device turns off then you would lose the software of your device, or even sometimes, the person can lose the device also so make sure that you have charged it well before updating it manually.

2: Make a complete backup of your data just for precautionary purposes so that even if you lose your data or the software you will still be able to recover the data on a new or some other device you will begin to use afterward so make sure to create one on a computer or wherever you think it will be safer than most of the other places.

3: You will need to connect your device to the computer for transferring the software file, make sure that you use an original data cable because only the original ones work fine and the fake and local ones are faulty and disconnect in between the process.

update galaxy core i8262 lollipop

Steps Update Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 to Lollipop

1: Download the Software package from the following link
If the link does not work for some reason on your computer then download the software link from somewhere where it is safe to download because many of the time instead of the software it is some virus which disturbs and annoys you afterward.

2: Make sure that you place the software file on the desktop of the computer so that it can be easily found and copied to other places easily later.

3: Connect your device to the computer with an original USB cable as told in the precautions.

4: Enable the USB debugging mode from settings so that you can transfer the things from the computer to device.

5: Put your device into recovery mode by pressing and holding the POWER BUTTON, HOE BUTTON AND VOLUME UP BUTTON which will put your device into recovery mode after rebooting.

6: Click on Backup and restore.

7: Click on Reboot from SD card, and select the file which you transferred from the computer to the device.

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It would take some time but after it is done, it will reboot and when rebooted it will be on the new software.

Comment below about your experience.


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