A hedge trimmer is a handy tool that allows you to trim hedges quickly and neatly. To ensure the optimum size of the electric hedge trimmers, the blades must be well sharpened. Let's see what the right tools are and how to proceed.

Greenworks electric hedge trimmer

Why Sharpen The Blades Of A Hedge Trimmer?

Electric hedge trimmers needs a good sharpening to cut branches regularly and cleanly. If the blades are dull or poorly sharpened, the branches may have choppy, irregular areas. The cut will not be clear and will open the door to diseases and fungi.

Another concern is that the job will be more difficult because you will need to accelerate much harder to obtain a convincing result, not to mention the increased difficulty in trimming the branches of a larger diameter. A good sharpening is therefore absolutely necessary. It should be done before each major construction site, or at least once a year. Sharpening should take you about half an hour.

Choosing The Right Tool To Sharpen A Electric Hedge Trimmer

Conventional sharpening tools are not recommended in the case of the electric hedge trimmers which has teeth of very specific shapes. If you want to save the disassembly of blades, get a carbide sharpener. It is composed of a simple handle carrying a tungsten carbide end, it is light, easy to handle and easy to transport. Very fine, it passes easily between the teeth of the electric hedge trimmer. You will find such a tools in the our official website and get to know about latest product reviews by visiting here.

If, however, the blades of your electric hedge trimmers have cracks or large irregularities, it will be necessary to disassemble them in order to pass them to the grinder to restore them.

How To Sharpen A Electric Hedge Trimmer?

  • Unscrew the candle from your hedge trimmer and place it in a container to find it quickly once the work is done (for models with a combustion engine).

  • Disinfect your sharpener with a rag soaked in alcohol to prevent the spread of various diseases from one tool to the other.

  • Sit down and place your hedge trimmer between your legs, grip resting on the ground;

  • Insert your sharpener between the first teeth well in depth and tilt the tool so that it follows the line of the blade.

  • Press the sharpener with a movement from inside to outside.

  • Repeat the process several times until the sharpened surface shines well.

  • Then go to the next slide and repeat the previous operation.

  • Sharpen all the teeth of the trimmer blades.

  • Then go to the opposite teeth and repeat the grinding operations in the same way.

  • Make sure you have not forgotten about the tooth.

  • Put the candle back in its place.

Apart from these tips you can also find more useful information related to hedge trimmers and other products such as pruners and loppers and their categories or plethora of branded pruning tools like gonicc products etc.

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