How To Plan Your Dream Kitchen- GuestPost Web. Plan Your Dream Kitchen: The kitchen is the most crucial part of the house. It is said to be the heart of any house. The kitchen is just not meant to cook, but it is a space where at the end of the day all the family members get collected and spend their part of leisure time. Eating and drinking, passing suggestions on topics, discussing the entire day layout, this is the core space for everyone in the house.

It is entirely necessary to design the kitchen with utmost care.

What can be the tips that need to focus on planning the kitchen? Let’s discuss on few of the suggestions that bring the change in the overall look of a kitchen.

  1. Space planning

Space planning is the most essential factor among all. Without it placing all the accessories and other materials in the kitchen may appear messy and emit a confused look. A thoughtful plan needs to be worked out for the kitchen. Kitchen triangle is one of the main components to consider while planning the kitchen. Cooking top, refrigerator, and sink are the three main ingredients of the kitchen mostly used. So, the distance between them should be easily reachable.

Kitchen Island plays the role of the centerpiece of any kitchen. It is an additional counter space as well as an additional space to eat. If the kitchen space is large then there can be arranged the sitting stools around the kitchen island to sit and eat comfortably.

  1. Countertop material

There are various materials available for the countertops. As countertop is mostly used and get spoiled during the work, the stone based platforms are preferred a lot. They look rich and warm. But, there are stones that easily get stains and scratched while cooking and working. In, a busy house with many members or playing kids, the normal stoned platform is not the right choice. Even, the stainless steel counters are not favorable. It gets easily scratched. Quartz and Caesar Stone are giving the desirable and best concrete like finishing. They have long durability and require barely any maintenance.

  1. Kitchen trends

Nowadays, the kitchens are designed with modular designed furniture which emits a clean look from outside. It almost looks like the living room furniture somewhat. The appliances are unseen, mostly hidden behind the panels. The modular cabinet design with rich wood finishes and seamless finishes.

The other ingredients of the kitchen such as lighting, drawers, cabinets, appliances, etc. are keys to the perfect kitchen trend.

The modular kitchen cost keeps varying on the numbers of ingredients additionally attached to the kitchen.

  1. Colour

The colors in the kitchen space matter a lot. Nowadays, part of the walls are fixed with tiles to make it stay clean and easy to clean. Mostly, the cabinets are chosen with dark colors, and then the back walls of the kitchen are painted with neutral colors. Mostly, this space has a limited color choice. But, the color plays an extensive role in the kitchen. It needs to be kept in the mind that the color chose should not make space look dark.

  1. Eliminate wasted steps

Planning the kitchen is not only related to furniture and other accessories, but it is also about how to organize everything in it. The arrangements of the kitchen ingredients should be placed accordingly that there is no wastage of time. Few of the items like dishware and flatware should be close to the dishwasher or the sink to ease the process of unloading.

  1. Walkways

Whether the kitchen space is small or large, the walkways in the space should be given equal importance. Even, in the triangle style kitchen, there should be easy pathways between the three. Sometimes, this small factor simply cuts off the kitchen show.

  1. Clear the corners

The corners should not be occupied such that cabinets and the appliances doors get stuck while opening it fully. There should be often space not to allow the doors get banged to anything.

  1. The height of the microwave

The microwave should be placed at an average height where mostly every person’s hand can reach. Generally, for the adults 15 inches above the countertop is considered the good height.

  1. Plug-in

Install the number of outlets along the backsplash. It will be easy to use the appliances in any corner, especially when the platform is busy.

  1. Light colors in the skin

Don’t put stress on installing the dark light. It is less invited. It makes the place look and lazy. The kitchen should have the bright lights which give a feel of energy loaded and it is also good to spot any creatures if any in the corners of the space.

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