In this article, it has been described regarding WhatsApp Chat Spy App. The social media apps and instant messengers have been gaining tremendous popularity among teens of the post-millennial generation. They spend more than nine hours a day updating their social media profiles and conversing with their online buddies. While these social networking platforms enable youngsters to get introduced to the world, they also expose them to several risks such as cyber bullying, child predation, scamming, cat-fishing and hacking.  This article discusses how parents can spy on the social media activities of their kids to ensure their security.

WhatsApp Messenger and Its Menaces

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging app around the world. The app allows exchanging text messages, photos, videos, audios, stickers, emoticons and GPS location. Also, it offers audio and video calling. The social messenger uses the internet connection to provide services.

Anyone having access to mobile phone and internet can create an account on WhatsApp. The app only requires an authentic mobile phone number to verify and activate WhatsApp account. After activation, the application syncs the contact list stored on the phone and lets you send messages to those contacts that are already using the messenger. You can also invite other contacts to join you on WhatsApp.

Though it seems harmless, there are a few annoyances attached with WhatsApp messenger. Anyone having your contact number can find you on WhatsApp and add you to a group. Receiving messages from unknown persons on WhatsApp is not a new thing. The pedophiles, child predators and scammers use WhatsApp Messenger to trap adolescents. The sex-offenders use the video calling feature of messenger to lure the victim. This app is also used for exchange of sexually explicit photos and videos.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

The unmonitored and uncontrolled use of WhatsApp and other social messengers can have horrible consequences especially for children. Parents are needed to supervise the online activities of their children to protect them from scoundrels in the online world. You are needed to monitor WhatsApp chats, media files and call logs of your children to ensure they are using the messenger in a secure and responsible way. However, you cannot frequently access the mobile phones of your children to check out their activities. You may need to know the passcode of the phone and if you know it the chances of finding empty inbox are there.

For parents’ sake, the technologists have developed monitoring applications to secretly and remotely track the social media activities of children. There are cell phone monitoring and spying apps that let you supervise almost every activity performed on the targeted mobile phone including the social media activity. Once you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can know what instant messages and VOIP calls are being received and made by your kids. The spy app gets access to the data stored on the targeted cell phone and uploads to the online spy account. Parents can log into online account to see the entire data.

Spy on WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp monitoring app lets you read incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages of your children. It includes one-on-one and group chats containing text, voice, stickers and emoticons.

Spy on WhatsApp Photos & Videos

You can see what photos and videos your children have sent and received via WhatsApp messenger. The photos, videos and other media files get uploaded to the online spy account from where parents can see and download these files. These media files help them ensure their kids do not use the app for sexting or exchange of explicit stuff. If you find stuff related to child pornography, it is a sign that your kid is in contact with pedophiles and child predators.

Spy on WhatsApp Call Logs

You can get details of calls received and made via WhatsApp messenger. Also, the WhatsApp spy software lets you access the contact list of your kids to find out their online friends.

The WhatsApp spy app keeps you updated about every single online activity of your kid performed via instant messenger. It enables you to be aware of any unpleasant incident before it happens.

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