Ants swarm in whenever and wherever they found any sources of food. And unfortunately, your kitchen is the biggest source of food for you and them too. However, as you prepare foods in your kitchen, you don’t probably want to apply poisons and pesticides there, so a natural solution is required to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

Getting rid of ants isn’t a tough task but it is often painstaking. Let’s make it easier with these steps-

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  1. Identify the type of ant swarming in your kitchen. You can do it by identifying their colors. Basically, you find three types of ants in your kitchen-

  • Pavement Ants: Dark brown to black color

  • Pharaoh Ant: Light yellow with brown marking; they are the most common kitchen intruder.

  • Carpenter Ant: Somewhat reddish in color and is bit large in size.

  1. Find out their entry points to your kitchen. Check inside cabinets and cracks carefully to find the entrance.

  2. The next thing is a bit weird. You need to find out why ants are so attracted to your kitchen. It is often due to wastage and sweets that you forgot to remove. Clean them.

  3. Now that you have pointed out the reasons and found the entrance, it’s time to repel the nasty army of ants. At first, seal the entrance of them with silicone sealing texture.

  4. Apply some natural ant repellant agent around your kitchen. Ground coffee is the easiest one that you might use. It is always in your kitchen.

  5. Moreover, you might apply cinnamon, peppermint spray or chili powder spray.

Tips: Its’ better to keep ants away than inviting them and searching solution to get rid of them. These tips will help you keep them at bay-

  1. Always keep your kitchen-sink neat and clean.

  2. Wash the kitchen floor regularly and apply germ-killing solution once in a fortnight.

  3. Don’t put any wastage for too long.

  4. Never allow water to get tangled in your kitchen. Ants need a little water only to feed so they are easily attracted.

  5. Always keep dry foods and other food items in the airtight container.

  6. Cut four hot peppers, after you put on kitchen gloves to keep away from consumers, and place the peppers in a glass container. At that point pour 1 quart of high temp water into the pot. Place the cover on the pan, and let it sit for 24 hours - far from pets and children who could inadvertently tip it over and get scorched from the pepper squeeze or cut from broken glass. Pour the blend through a strainer to expel the pepper bits, and afterward empty the fluid into the insect settle. The pepper juice slaughters the ants and makes the home unacceptable.


Sprinkle cornmeal around the opening of the insect settle. At the point when the ants eat the cornmeal, it extends within them and executes them. Albeit powerful, it may take more time to dispose of the considerable number of ants because everyone needs to expend the cornmeal.

So kitchen With Ants is often problematic and unhygienic. This guide will thus help you get rid of them effectively without further trouble.

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