In order to invest in real estate, the prospective investor needs to understand that Real Estate Investment can go up or down both in value and profit just as the stock market can. The trick is to understand that the real estate market can fluctuate rather severely in terms of its overall price inflation or deflation. There is another factor that has to be taken into account when talking about real estate. Stocks and bonds can be held for months or years depending on the goals of the investor. Real estate is slightly different.

Time in the real estate business is measured in years and decades, not days and weeks. This means that making investments in real estate involves knowing how long the properties intend to be held. If a landlord wants to hold a property or set of properties for ten or twenty years, they will have to make improvements to those holdings before they sell them. That means their portfolios will be slightly different because of the added costs they will have to make, which may result in their expected return being higher than originally anticipated.

The first step is to find some property in which to make an investment. The most common way to invest in property is to purchase a house or a condominium and rent it out to tenants. This makes one an automatic landlord without any major hassles. For small investors, a long-term perspective is the most profitable way to look at real estate investing. “House flipping”, or buying houses with the intention of selling those months later, is to be avoided for small, conservative landlords as this is a very speculative and risky practice.

A long-term horizon gives investors plenty of time to ride out inflationary and deflationary periods. Over twenty years, a rental property will certainly appreciate in value. There are many ways to find the property that’s worth holding for a long time. Experienced landlords scour the local newspapers and hunt for foreclosures using contacts at banks and city halls.

After finding the right property, it is important for the investor to make sure their finances are in good condition. Investment property mortgage loans are popular ways of obtaining financing for investment properties, but in order to qualify for them, the investor needs to have good credit and a solid financial history. Investment property mortgages are popular among real estate investors because they allow landlords to leverage the mortgage on one property to invest in many other properties at the same time.

The best return on investment in the real estate business is to make sure that market conditions are always matched with the investor’s goals. Long-term goals always override short-term perks or benefits. For this reason, the best way to get good returns on real estate investment is always to focus on long-term market growth as well as a stable monthly income source from rents. The good news is that rental income stays relatively stable, even if the actual price of the property fluctuates from time to time.

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