If you have Pool then You need to know first that How to Clean Your Pool the Right Way. Some people are lucky enough o have a swimming pool in their home. However, they need to maintain and clean their pool regularly to keep the water from turning green. Pools if not maintained and cleaned regularly turn green and become unsafe for swimming.

There are many reasons due to which the pool water becomes hazy and unhygienic for swimmers. Some of them are improper filtration/circulation, algae problems, low pH/alkalinity, and low chlorine. If you are lucky to have a pool in your home, you might know about the mess of cleaning the pool. This post explains some practical ways to clean the pool.

Clean the filter

The filtration system in your pool plays a vital role in cleaning the water. However, the filters and their cartridges get clogged within a few months and needs cleaning. If you have a cartridge in your filter, open it can clean it with a brush once a month. If your pool has a timer, set it to run the pump and filter at least 8-12 hours per day. For example, you can run the pump for 5 to 6 hours in the morning and for the same time in the evening.

Remove the metals

Sometimes the pool water contains metals that need to be removed from the pool. The pool water with the metals in large quantities appears greenish when seen from a distance. You need to test the presence of minerals in the water to remove them using the relevant metal remover. If you don’t know much about metals, you should consult a pool service professional to check the presence of metals. The pool service professionals in Perth, Australia use the different methods to remove various types of metals from the swimming pools Perth.

Clean the skimmer basket

The skimmer basket collects the leaves and debris from the surface of the water that gets accumulated in it. Remove the skimmer basket and clean it at least once a month to prevent it from getting clogged. The decaying leaves release acids that can lower the alkalinity, pH level and chlorine content in the water. Clean pools require less frequent addition of chemicals as compared to non-maintained pools.

Scrub your pool

The tiles and surfaces in the pools need scrubbing for time to time to prevent the accumulation of stains and algae. Look for any growths of tiny plants and accumulations of chemicals and use a scrub brush to remove them from the tiles of your pool. As you scrub the pool a lot of debris will fall into the pool water. You need to clean the debris using the skimmer or a manual net.

Brush your pool

In addition to skimming the pool, brushing is also essential to clean all the particulates that settle at the bottom of the pool. Brushing the floor of a pool helps kicks up the settled matter and so that the drain and skimmer can easily collect them from the water. You should brush the walls before brushing the floor.

Add chlorine

Unless you have a salt water pool, you need to add chlorine tablets to your chlorinator. The chlorine kills the harmful bacteria and germs in the pool water. Pool owners should also check their chlorinators for loading or possible clogging and clean them regularly.

Check the pool chemistry

You need to check the chemistry of your pool which means that the chemicals should be in proper amounts as required. As the pool water gets polluted, the levels of chemicals get reduced, and you need to add them in adequate proportions. The ideal level of chemicals to be maintained in any pool is given below.

  • PH levels - 7.2 to 7.8

  • Alkalinity - From 80 to 120 PPM (parts per million)

  • Calcium Hardness - From 250 to 450 parts per million

  • Cyanuric Acid - 30 -50 PPM

  • Chorine residual - From 1.0 to 1.5 PPM; up to 2.0 with ozone, 3.0 without ozone in summer

If you maintain the proper chemistry of your pool, you will need fewer amounts of chlorine and less frequently.

The pH levels of swimming pools Perth reduce and the owners need to add muriatic acid to maintain the alkalinity of water. Pool chemistry is not easy to maintain. Therefore, it is beneficial to consult a pool service professional to check the levels of chemicals and add them in required amounts.

Final Words

Using these tips for pool cleaning anyone can clean their pool in the right way. Cleaning the pools regularly, maintaining the pool chemistry and equipment is essential for every pool owner. Taking help from a professional can help you to service your pool regularly can help to keep your pool clean and refreshing throughout the year.

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