New businesses are often overwhelmed with SEO and end up overdoing it to gain faster results. If you think more is better in SEO, you may be setting up your site for a penalty for over optimization. Google sees that an SEO spammer is following unethical ways to fool the system to receive higher rankings. Always remember that Google aims to serve the users, and if you don’t intend to serve the users too, then your website will get harmed. It is very easy to go overboard, but if you choose a reliable SEO consultancy in Ahmedabad, they will make sure that your website is optimized as per Google webmaster guidelines. In order to avoid overdoing SEO, consider these 5 essential things listed below.

# Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing simply means using too many targeted keywords on a single page. Google has always disliked keyword stuffing, and it certainly penalizes the website that uses too many keywords. When you repetitively use the same keyword, the system assumes that you are trying to cheat the system, which leads to bad user experience. And, when you don’t serve your readers well, Google is sure to penalize you.

# Don’t Use Irrelevant Keywords

Many marketers often try to manipulate Google by using irrelevant keywords. You may think that using a variety of keywords will help you in getting better rankings and attracting more users, even though the keywords you have used has nothing to do with the content you post. For example, if you are writing content on the topic “how to improve Google rankings” and try to include phrases like how to “why you need SEO” then it is not ethically correct as the phrase is not relevant to the topic.

# Use Minimum Anchor Text

Anchor links are a way to redirect your users to another website by using hyperlinks in the text. It is important to use minimum keywords embedded anchor links, and not to put too many links that may easily urge your readers to bounce off. Try to use long phrases in your anchor links, but keep them as low as possible. Always aim to deliver value to your users and Google will definitely reward your website.

# Focus on Quality Content, Not Quantity

Creating a few top quality content is far better than creating loads of content of poor quality. Posting too many low quality articles is regarded as a bad SEO practice. Google wants to help readers find the best possible information they are seeking. If you produce 50 pages of poor quality content with a goal to improve search rankings, then you would be overdoing it and it will damage your rankings.

# Be Conscious About Backlinks

Many digital marketers strive to generate as many backlinks as possible. However, you need to be very careful while generating backlinks. A backlink from a low quality site or a spammer site can harm your website too. Your rankings can be significantly damaged if you associate with bad websites.


Thus, search engines are all about delivering the best browsing experience to its users. If you understand these tricks and try to put your users first while developing links, content and keywords, you will easily avoid over-optimizing, and your website will start showing up rankings.

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