A majority of businesses operate on a small scale and compete in a flattening and harsh global environment. At some point or the other, every business needs to deal with commercial altercations of different kinds. It may emerge from an invoice that is outstanding, disputes related to the intellectual properties or the competitors and relate to those items that may not be fit for the purpose. When it comes to measures to tackle the disputes that arise in small business firms, using the method of alternative dispute resolution is encouraged today. It promotes cost-effective and fast resolution of disputes and proves beneficial than the traditional system of justice.

Switching from law system to ADR

In the traditional system of the law, the parties involved have little or no control over the procedure as the judge and the lawyers emerge as the key players in the procedure and the timing. Unfortunately, the disputes may take several years to unwind when you move through the traditional system of law. Moreover, the juries dealing with the disputes may not have expertise on the subject matter and hence will be unable to decide who loses or wins the case. Furthermore, the small businesses often build their enterprises on personal relationships and get into unnecessary tiffs with the initiation of the lawsuit. However, the Dispute Resolution Firms allow the small businesses to get an opportunity to use an intelligent, customized, cheaper, and a more effective method to overcome the inevitable disputes to stay competitive.

Role of dispute resolution law firms

Businesses must go through the method of alternative dispute resolution to determine the right course of action. For instance, some contracts may require a case to go through the process of arbitration, and the rest could adopt the procedures of mediation. While the neutral party has the final say in the process of arbitration, in the process of mediation, the parties take the final decision. Instead of going through the common process of litigation, the Dispute resolution law firms ensure that the parties involved in the process have more say in the outcome of the process. In the process of alternative dispute resolution that these firms handle, the agreement is reached only if both parties accept the decision. The firms engage lawyers and non-lawyers and train them to assist the businesses to resolve their disputes through the process of mediation.

Flexibility of ADR

The process of alternative dispute resolution also provides a certain amount of flexibility to the parties to decide the timings and the schedule of the meetings instead of sticking to the court schedules. Unlike the process of litigation which opens up in public, ADR allows the proceedings to stay private and confidential without tarnishing the reputation of the companies.

Hiring a litigation firm

One of the reasons parties today prefer the proceedings of ADR is that unlike the traditional process of litigation, the procedure of ADR is collaborative and allow the parties to understand the position of each other. Even though ADR intends to reduce the cost, formality, and stress associated with the court procedures. Several parties operating in Delhi hire the attorneys of a reputed Litigation firm in Delhi to represent the proceedings of the ADR. However, care is to be taken to hire an attorney with experience of your legal issues and one who is familiar with the collaborative procedures of alternative dispute resolution.

Intellectual property disputes

Parties involved in intellectual property dispute can hire a well-suited property dispute lawyer to execute the process of ADR. The specialized and technical nature of the intellectual property disputes require parties to engage experts to mediate or arbitrate. ADR conducted by the lawyers helps in the preservation of the commercial relationships that suits the collaborative nature of the intellectual property. A prudent lawyer with expertise in intellectual property places the money and the time of the clients at the front and maximizes the effectiveness of ADR for achieving the commercial objectives.

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