Financial process outsourcing can save you more money than you might at first imagine.  Certainly, if you don't need a full time accountant, it's a waste of money to hire one.  Yet a virtual book keeper will bring you savings versus hiring a part time worker as well.

Monetary Benefits of Financial Process Outsourcing

You might think that if you only need accounting work part-time, the smartest move is to hire a part-time accountant.  This may seem reasonable, but in reality, it's a waste of money as compared to going with financial process outsourcing.  Even a part-time worker will require you to spend more money than you need to shell out for quality bookkeeping. Even a part-time worker will need office space and a computer, which are both expenditures.  A part-time accountant will also expect you to provide bookkeeping software, which is another expense.  You might even be expected to offer benefits to your part-time accountant, which will cost you even more. By hiring an outsourcing firm to handle your bookkeeping, you avoid all these additional costs.  You pay a flat fee, and you get the very specific service of getting your books balanced.  If you wish, you can also have your outsource bookkeeper handle payroll, financial reports, and financial analysis.

Certified bookkeeper services are important to the functioning of any business.  Still, it can be hard to find an accountant you can trust.  Personally, for the first couple years of my business, I used my parents' accountant, which made no sense at all.

Oh sure, using my parent's accountant meant I didn't have to figure out how to find a good accountant for myself.  However, he was ridiculously expensive.  Plus he wasn't a Certified Bookkeeper, just a big-time CPA who would only peek at my books once a year and help me figure out what I owed Uncle Sam.

Using a Certified Bookkeeper

Your business deserves a real bookkeeper who can process, assess, and analyze your financial information.  You can hire a full time employee for this purpose, but you don't need to do so.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs will save you money, and it will make sure you don't bring on added personnel that you don't really need. When you work with a bookkeeper in an online relationship, you're not hiring an employee.  You don't need to worry about employee benefits.  You simply access a secure site, where you can send your bookkeeper your financial data, and where he or she can run the numbers and give you back a detailed report.

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