Every student has a dream of joining a reputed University/College after they are done with their Higher Secondary Education. The students who wish to get admission in the best engineering institutes are screened through IIT JEE exam which is conducted every year across India. The number of aspirants is in lakhs and there is an increment every year in the number taking up the exam. It is considered as one of the toughest exam in India and every Non-Med student knows its importance. It is an overwhelming experience to study from the best faculty in India.

IIT JEE exam involves an extensive and detailed study of the topics and the concepts should be clear thoroughly.This can’t be done in a span of 3 to 4 months so it’s better to start from the beginning of 11thstandard. However, those who were not that serious at that time can still be on the safe side if they start it in 12th. The exam has 2 phases: Prelims and Mains/Advanced. Students who clear prelims are eligible for the Advanced Exam which is two times as tough as Prelims. Only handful of them clears Advanced and gets admissions in top Colleges.

Students are very particular about the choice of books and study material. They look for the ones which cover every topic and it’s weightage in the exam plus the availability in the market. Nowadays, it’s not necessary to rely on books as online coaching for IIT JEE is available so students can comfortably sit back at home and study, eliminating their travel time in attending coaching classes. It is economical too. Main subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can be mastered by taking online video lessons in which one can clear doubts there and then with the teacher in front of you. A number of videos are available for a particular topic if one can’t understand from one video he/she can switch to another.

The advantage of IIT JEE online preparation is that you can give mock tests chapter wise or topic wise. Online streaming allows pausing and resuming the video as per your pace. No wastage of money on purchasing books, question paper booklets as previous year question papers along with answers are available. While you are giving test, the time is noted and at submitting the test one gets to know the areas where time management is required. Some shortcut tricks or simpler methods are given which enhance your speed and are easy to grasp. Peer discussion and constant mentoring from teachers can help you score well and one gets to know the weak areas to work upon.

The dream of clearing IIT JEE is like a distant star for some who lose their hope in their journey, but those who are optimistic and keep on trying whenever they fall, definitely succeed. No doubt for this they have to put in efforts beyond their potential and go through a lot of trouble but at the end it’s completely worth it!

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